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   with all being relative, it doesnt matter who I am, but for those interested, I was born on October 17, 1972 in a, then, small town of Holbrook, NY.  I have long since moved all over the country, joining the Navy in 1991 to see the world.  In my life the most import things always lead back to art in one median or another.  A major fan of the arts I've been drawing, painting, and writing poetry most of my life.

    I have recently added screenshot, and character shots of my new computer hobby World of Warcraft... I will periodically add pictures as I see more and more cool things...
    I am an amateur at the very least, at both computers and art, so please don't expect much out of this web site. Just enjoy it and sign my guestbook. Sign in my guestbook below.

- Matthew Dzienius

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Updated: Feb. 11, 2006
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