I Wanna Go Back <BGSOUND src="//www.oocities.org/dznofroses/Dancer.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
I wanna go back to the good ole days
When life was fun and full of play

I miss those days of playing till dark
Swinging so high in the neighborhood park

Jumping through the sprinkler, squirting the hose
Feeling the cool grass between my toes

Playing hide and seek, hiding my eyes
Looking for that one good place to go and hide

Hearing the music that rings from the van
Licking the ice cream as it melts down my hand

Running around with a bunch of kids
Playing tag and being "it"

I wanna go back when life was carefree
And I could be who I wanted to be

Painting is copyright Tom Sierak and used with his permission by Moon and Back Graphics to construct this set.

The beautiful midi you are hearing is "Tiny Dancer" and can be found by clicking the logo below.