<BGSOUND src="//www.oocities.org/dznofroses/myheartbelongstome.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
Sometimes I sit in front of my mirror,
Staring at the lady I see.

Who are you?
How did you get here?
And when did you take my body from me?

I used to be a beautiful girl,
A very long time ago.

When did this happen?
Where did you come from?
And why don't you just go?

I hear other people talking,
About the lady I've come to be.

Do you think I like it?
How would you feel?
And why do you hurt me?

But then I think to myself,
Maybe I'm God's work in plan.

Am I here to help someone?
Are you like me?
Do you need to hold my hand?

Now I sit in front of my mirror,
Looking at the lady I see.

I'm still that beautiful girl.
No matter what others may think.
And who I see is me!

The midi you are hearing is "My Heart Belongs To Thee" and can be found at TearJerker's Heaven!