One Day At A Time <BGSOUND src="//" LOOP=INFINITE>
This poem is not one of my creations, but one that I want to share with you.  I found it, in a book, at my Great Grandmother-in-law's house, when I was staying with her while she was sick.  I hope you find the peace and serenity that I had found in it when I first read it.  In this world we live in today, we can only take it One Day At A Time.

One day at a time, with it's failures and fears,
With it's hurts and mistakes, with it's weakness and tears.
With it's portion of pain and it's burden of care;
One day at a time, we must meet and must bear.

One day at a time, to be patient and strong;
To be calm under trial and sweet under wrong;
Then it's toiling shall pass and it's sorrow shall cease;
It shall darken and die, and the night shall bring peace.

One day at a time - but the day is so long,
And the heart is not brave, and the soul not strong.
O Thou pitiful Christ, be Thou near all the way;
Give courage and patience and strength for the day.

Swift cometh His answer, so clear and so sweet;
"Yea, I will be with thee, thy troubles to meet;
I will not forget thee, nor fail thee, nor grieve;
I will not forsake thee; I never will leave."

Not yesterday's load we are called on to bear,
Nor the morrow's uncertain and shadowy care;
Why should we look forward or back with dismay?
Our needs, as our memories, are but for the day.

One day at a time, and the day is His day;
He hath numbered it's hours, though they haste or delay.
His grace is sufficient; we walk not alone;
As the day, so the strength that He giveth His own.

~Annie Johnson Flint~
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