<BGSOUND src="//www.oocities.org/dznofroses/unbreak.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
Silent tears, I cry, on my pillow at night.
Silent tears, I cry, throughout the day.
I try to take things as they come,
But anymore, I'm so afraid.

I try to tell him how I feel.
The things that I fear most.
But I don't know why I even bother,
It's like talking to a ghost.

I know it's not just me,
That can see what he has done.
This life that he has made for us,
Is hurting everyone.

Why does he chose to ignore me?
What have I done to deserve this?
All I want is a little peace,
And just a bit of happiness.

Silent tears, I cry, for my sons.
Silent tears, I cry, for my life.
God, give me the strength that I will need,
To go on as his wife.

The midi you are hearing is "Unbreak My Heart" and can be found at TearJerker's Heaven!