<BGSOUND src="//www.oocities.org/dznofroses/Sands.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
I remember when we were young
How we never got along
We knew just how to get to each other
Even if we knew it was wrong

You used to make a mess of my room
Was always into my stuff
No matter how many times I pulled your hair
You never seemed to get enough

Now we are all grown up
And have rooms of our own
You can't mess it up anymore
And my stuff is left alone

But sometimes when I lay on my bed
And think of the years gone by
I could have shared my stuff with you
Instead of making you cry

Now I spend as much time as I can
Sharing stuff with you
I don't mean material things
Rather the fun things we do

Oh I know we still fight
And sometimes I could pull your hair
Sisters will always be sisters you know
At least now we know how much we do care!

The beautiful midi you are hearing is "Sands of Time" and can be found by clicking the logo below.