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Hello and welcome to my other corner of the web!

Some of you may have entered through the front door and already know who I am.  But for those of you who came through the back door, let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Michele.  Also known as Mikki!  I won't go into all my info again, for the sake of the ones who know me already.  If you wanna know more about me, you can visit the "All about me" section in the dropdown menu below. 

Okay... now that that is out of the way.  Let me tell you what you will find at this corner of my home. 

This part of my home you will find poems that I have written over the last couple years.  So guys... you may wanna go back now!   It gets pretty "girly"... lol  I'm not saying that you can't read them if you want to, I'm just telling ya what you'll be gettin into... lol 

Now I don't proclaim to be a professional... ;o)  In fact, I'll be the first to tell you that I never liked anything about English or anything related to it through my high school years.  When I first started to write poems, I couldn't figure out why it was coming so easy to me and struggled so to keep average grades in my Creative Writing class.  But then I figured it out one day.  You see... in high school, I was "told" I had to write and I would... but it really didn't come from "me".  Poetry has to come from within and at the time, I wasn't really feeling anything.  All my poems that I have written in these past years are about what I was feeling at that particular moment or something that I had gone through.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love to write them.  And please do sign my guestbook!

The beautiful midi you are hearing is "Everything" and can be found by clicking the link below.