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El Salvador and I

El Salvador Yesterday.
Nearly 40,000 years after the first nomadic tribes crossed into the Americas, the cultures of North and South America met in the lowlands of Central America and gave rise to the flourishing civilization of Meso-America. The most advanced of these cultures were Aztec and the Maya, both which had reached their peak long before the "New" World was discovered by the "Old".
Santa Ana
I was born one mile away from this downtown.
You can see the Theater far back center, City Hall left, the Park on the right and there are the Cathedral, the Police station, restaurants, movie theaters and more interesting places that are not shown on this photo.
Salvadoran fashion runs the spectrum from fancy Western styles to purely functional work clothing. Most men wear long pants and an unbuttoned long shirt, even if it's hot outside. Women often wear heels, skirts and blouses. Everyone occasionally wears jeans, but few people wear short pants.

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KROQ Famous radio station in Los Angeles
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that plays Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata,
Punta, Soca, Garifuna, Reggaeton and more
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I would like to thank the author of On Your Own in El Salvador for providing me with information about El Salvador

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