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E-KAY is a dance company whose mission is to foster and promote the appreciation and understanding of performing arts in Indonesia primarily regions of Java and Bali.

The group is currently lead by Elvian Kawulusan, a versatile performer, with background in classical Javanese and Balinese dance. Formed in 1998, the group consists of skillful and professional dance practitioners, graduate of performing arts schools, who are experienced in performing locally and internationally.

The company has a diverse repertoire embracing classical and folk tradition. Eventhough its policy encourages search for new development of techniques, variations, as well as new works, the company always obeserve the existing tradition. Moreover, the members occasionally are interested in reviving old styles.

As a dance company created by performers, E-KAY strives to pursue a standard of excellence in the presentation of dance performances. This effort is shown in detailed focusing on characterization and movements in every dance. This gives a more intimate feel towards audience, helping them built a more in depth appreciation towards the traditions.

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