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About Poetry:

Poetry is a song of the heart. It expresses the person's feelings. Each word is a note, each stanza a pitch. Together they form a melody of the human experience.

Poetry is a painting from the mind. It is an art form of human written expression. Each word is a stroke of the poet's brush, painting stanzas into a complete masterpiece.
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January 6, 2006

All poems and essays on this website are the original works of the poet. Any reproduction and misrepresentation of the works without the poet's knowledge will be a total disrespect to the poet and against copyright ethics. Please inform the poet if you wish to reproduce any work or part thereof in written, spoken, or any other form.

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About this website:

This garden is full of outgrowth of expressions and creativity--wild yet nevertheless carefully nurtured. It is a writer's haven. Here is where some of my writings, be they poetry, prose, reflections, essays or fiction, flourish and find home. Though I plant my seeds in various other sites on the cyberspace, this is my very own grounds to free my soul and where it bears the fruits of my adventures.

I do want to let you all know that I will be moving this site pretty soon. I got my own domain name at However, it won't be a while till I can set up the new site so do still check it out here in the mean time.

~ The Writ -- This is a wonderful online community of writers. Most of my works are posted at the workshop for feedback so they can evolve to its full potential. I am also a staff writer for its publication the WRIToracle.
~ Xanga Blog -- This is my blog, where my nonsensical recollection of my day to day life reside. At times, I post my works here.
~ David Usher -- My greatest inspiration. He's a talented Canadian singer/songwriter.
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