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The 2005 CQ WW DX CW Contest
TCWARC / E21IZC , HS7UCQ , HS0IXO and Team will activities from 26-27 November 2005 as E21IZC on cw only. We will opreate during the CQ WW CW DX Contest 2005. The emphasis of the operation will be on all band. E21IZC / Tony is a full time and HS7UCQ / Kamroon , HS0IXO are short time on Contest. QSLs direct only via EA5KB.

Plan to Special callsign on 2006 Contest
TCWARC / E21IZC , HS7UCQ , HS0IXO and Team will authorised from The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for special callsign, We plan to " E22E " for 2006 contest and DXPeddition, for use of the 7 , 14 , 21 ,28 , WARC bands and low bands (80 and 160 metres) CW , SSB on 1 Year and on air from E21IZC Station southern of Bangkok / Samuthsakorn Province. (See E21IZC Station on under) QSL Direct only Via E21IZC

E21IZC/8 IOTA AS-101
Tony / E21IZC will plan to Chumporn Province and cross to Tao Island for operate from IOTA AS-101 on 7 , 14 , 21 and 28 MHz. CW and SSB between middle of Apr 2006. QSL Direct only Via EA5KB.
Member of Thailand CW Amateur Radio Club.

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e-mail : e21izc@hotmail.com or wichyeint@sahaviriya.com

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My Antenna 13 Elements x 2 Beem for VHF.
Vertical Antenna CP6 of Diamond for HF.
Folded Dipole 4 Stacks north offset for VHF.
About Me

My name is Wichyein Tritarntipvikul and Tony is my nickname. My callsign is E21IZC. I was born in Bangkok Thailand in 1970 and 35 Years Old. I received a license for Amateur Radio Operator since 1993. My QTH is in the Southern of Bangkok city, It's a capital city of THAILAND. I'm graduated from Rajabhat Suansunandha University and Sukhothaithummathiraj in Bachelor's Degree , Srinakarinviroj University / M.B.A. in Master Degree. I work for Sahaviriya Steel Group Company Limited since 2003. I'm Accounting and Finance Manager.

My first licence (VHF) was granted in 1993 When I was 23 Years Old. I then upgrated to the intermediate Class #2 (HF) in 1997. and upgrated to the intermediate class #1 (HF) in 2004. I have operated with many special callsigns such as : HS50A , HS0AC (Rast HQ) , E22AAA , HS1AI/P , HS2AR/P , HS98AG , E20AJ/7 , E20AJ , HS7UCQ/P , E20HHK/P on DX and Contest.

I like contesting and DXing and like CW QSO so much , I'm very interested in cw only. Present I'm qso with all friend around the world about 1,500 QSO's 110 Countrys and confirm QSL Card 69 Countrys outstanding 16 Country. I got with JCC NO.2349 , AJD NO. 8626 from JARL and WAC (Phone) and WAC (CW) from IARU.

My Station

My station I used with (HF) Rig : KENWOOD TS-940S , ICOM IC 718 with MFJ 945E Antenna Tuner Ant : Vertical CP6 , Vertical Dipole (Homebrew) , Dipole (Homebrew) , and Songkarn MG-02 Morse Simulator by Thailand Amateur Radio Design. , Bencher Paddle Key, Power Supply PS-304 III 30 AMP.

(VHF) Rig : Icom IC275 , Yaesu FT2800 , Spender TH-2559 , SWR SX-400 Kyowa Ant : 13 Elements Beem , Folded Dipole 4 Stacks and 1/4 Lamda Vertical antenna. and self support high 15 meters.

My Antenna

My antennas projects started since 2005. The tower is self-supported tower 15 meters high. The most of Tower and the antennas are local made, supplied by the UNCLE SAM from Rajaburi Province the professional antennas design and manufacturer in Rajaburi, Thailand. Installation and maintenance supported by my OMs group (Ex. E21YUU , HS7UCQ and Team). The antennas are: Vertical Antenna Diamond CP6. , Inveted V Dipole on 7 MHz. Homebrew and VHF 13 Elements x 2 Beem , Folded Dipole 4 Stacks North Offset. It's a very good location.