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Welcome to the eGame Awards!  Despite eGame Central closing, we are still up and running, but are now owned and operated by the staff of E-Squared Gaming index.  It's just like in the theater industry, a few set backs will not end these awards.  The show must go on!

Complete Site Update
SHA-BAM!  The entire eGame Awards site, with all its many sections and subdivisions, has undergone its first complete update under yours truly.  New and fascinating information is abound following the Summer 2004 eGame Awards and it awaits your eager eyes.

APRIL 15, 2004:
-The old news messages have been shelved to their own webpage. You may visit them by

clicking here
Official Awards Committee:
Robert and certain members of the E-Squared Gaming Staff:
This site has no affiliation with any Award Programs or Academies.  If this site has done anything illegal or uses any copyrighted information please contact the webmaster for its immediate removal.
-The eGame Awards are currently affiliated with E-Squared Gaming.  Any game listed on e-Squared is eligible to win an award.

-Nominees will be announced about a month prior to each award ceremony, and on a highly publicized awards night the coveted "E"s will be handed out to the winners.  Winners are chosen after being judged by a panel of judges including staff members and guest judges.

UPDATE: Instead of holding the awards three times a year, e2 Gaming has decided to limit this undertaking to twice a year. The awards assembly will be held every SIX months which totals two seasons each year. The first one will come in JANUARY as the Winter Awards, then the Summer Awards will happen in JULY.
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