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Welcome to the official home of the LETA keyboard!

What is LETA Keyboard?

LETA Keyboard is a free and open initiative I have started to create an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard that has been around for over 127 years!
LETA stands for the arrangement of keys on the home row, L E T A.

Why LETA Keyboard?

"The QWERTY keyboard, believe it or not, was present on the very First Typewriter... the Sholes & Glidden, made by E. Remington & Sons (best known for their guns) beginning in 1874" - Darryl Rehr, The QWERTY Connection (an excellent site by the way).

Standard keyboards, big klunky, ancient...etc
It's time for people to have an alternative.

Advantages of LETA: The advantages of LETA are numerous...

One hand layout allows use of keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

Layout based on frequency of use yields single key-strokes for 12 most commonly used characters.

All but a three keys (the rarest punctuation) require only two keystrokes.

Users without the use of one-hand (disabled or injured users) can now users can have 100% of the functionality of two-handed users.

Separate right-hand and left-hand versions mean convenience for both right and left handed users when dealing with both the mouse and keyboard.

Compact design saves desktop space.

based on standards and sets a new standard:
Based on the standard 10-key, in NumLock mode, functions exactly as a standard 10-key keypad.

Use of standard keyboard keys and components should result in low manufacturing cost.

Completely free and open design should yield discussion, improvement and innovation.

Free and open design should also translate to lower cost.

Revisions of the LETA layout could be used for many applications other than the PC, such as cellular phones, touch-panels (e.g. kiosks) and PDA's.

Disadvantages of LETA: No design is without its disadvantages...

No manufacturers mean LETA keyboards are not availble to purchase. With luck, this situation will improve as manufacturers become aware of consumer demand.

Users must learn a new keyboard layout, although the LETA layout is designed to be both efficient and easy to learn and use.

Most keys besides the 12 most commonly used letters require two keystrokes.

New layout may may require ergonomic improvements. But this should not be the case since the layout is based on the very commonly used 10-key layout.

Implementation in hardware (plug n play) may present design difficulties, although not likely.

Please take a look around the site and please consider contributing your time if you are interested!

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