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Welcome to the Chicago Area Acquire website.

Our mission:

(a) To serve as the official website of the Chicago Area Acquire League.

(b) To provide Acquire related links and information of interest to all Acquire enthusiasts worldwide.



The Chicago Area Acquire League is currently inactive.


Acquire Message Boards:

        At the Yahoo!Groups-acquire3, exchange ideas about strategies, learn about online Acquire, find players in your area, and discuss anything having to do with the game of Acquire. This group now has over 250 members and is the premiere site for Acquire related discussions.

        The MSN NetAcquire Players Group was formed to serve as a meeting place for discussing online Acquire using NetAcquire software.

Online Acquire:

        The most popular online software for Acquire is clearly NetAcquire. To get the latest release, go to, the NetAcquire Home Page (click Download) or, Yahoo! Groups – acquire3. NetAcquire has a lobby for arranging games & chatting and an in-game chat which doubles as a game log. NetAcquire uses the old Avalon Hill game board and stock names. One important note, you must change the host URL from the default to one of the hosts., port 1001: primary host, port 1001: part time host

        There’s also a Java client interface for NetAcquire as an alternative to using the software. It’s a work-in-progress but it is operational. It adds a few neat features that are not in the software version like showing an ongoing net worth for each player. If you’d like to try it out, go to

Other Acquire Links:

        Read about the history of Acquire at The Great Games of Sid Sackson site and get webmaster Bob Claster’s opinions of various versions of the game that have been sold over the years.

        The debate over whether playing Acquire open or closed makes for a better game is usually as heated as discussing politics. Click here to read a well written article on the subject by Kevin Maroney of the Games Journal.

        If you’re interested in learning about Acquire tournaments in Great Britain, visit Mind Sports Worldwide. MSO organizes games tournaments in GB.


        Have you lost the rules that came with your Avalon Hill Acquire game? Never fear, click here.

        Are you interested in starting an Acquire league in your area? Get some ideas by viewing our current Chicago Area Acquire League's rules.


Direct questions and comments to the Chicago Area Acquire webmaster.

Last update: 06/02/2009

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