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Let me introduce you to the Cedar Fork Rifles (Company I, Sixth North Carolina State Troops)! We are an energetic reenacting group, made up of people from all walks of life that share a common interest in the history of the turbulent time period during the 1860's known as the war between the states. We are a charter member of the Carolina Legion.

Living History At Capitol

As reenactors and living historians we endeavor  to portray, with dignity and accuracy, the lives and exploits of the men who participated in the war between the states over a century ago, often making the supreme sacrifice for a cause they believed in.
Our purpose is not to return to those times, rather to honor the men and woman, both Southern and Northern who lived through them. Our participation in reenactments, living histories, museum and school talks, motion pictures and other educational programs, give the public a broader exposure to and better understanding of the most pivotal event in our nation's history.

Both Confederate and Federal impressions are achieved through the commitment of the individual members of our organization.

 Brigade Formation
 Our Confederate identity is that of Company I, Sixth North Carolina State Troops, a unit with its history rooted firmly in Wake and Chatham counties (near the capitol city of Raleigh, in eastern North Carolina ) where many of our members make their homes. Some members can proudly trace their heritage back to an original member of the Sixth. "The Bloody Sixth" participated in most of the major campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia beginning at first Manassas and mustering out at Appomattox. 

Our Federal identity is that of the vaunted 69th New York, "The Irish Brigade".

 The Reactivated Cedar Fork Rifles

 A reactivated unit was formed in January of 1990 by a group of reenactors seeking a more authentic impression of their hobby. The 6th North Carolina was chosen because of its glorious past and geographical proximity to the members of the original reactivated unit. Its purpose was to provide the public with an accurate presentation of the Civil War soldier and the membership with an enjoyable means to learn more about the period.

Unit organizational structure stems from the Board of Directors who are elected by the membership. The Board, in turn, appoints the field commander and noncommissioned officers. Recruiter for the 69th NYMembership in the unit is divided into several classes further defined by By-Laws. Dues are paid at the beginning of each calendar year. Dues may be prorated as directed in the By-Laws.

 A newsletter, The Cedar Fork Sentinel, is published each month by members of the newsletter committee. Membership dues provide for the unit members subscription. In the newsletter are event schedules, unit information, reports from past events and other information of interest.

For more information or if you are interested in joining, visit our recruiting page


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