You Can Tune Your Own Piano
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Twanging Piano Got You Playing The Blues In Your Beethoven?

You Can Tune Your Own Piano

Easy to follow tuning book, with tools

Tired of paying 60, 70, 80 dollars or more on high priced piano tuners, only to be calling them back again in a few months? Now you can save your hard earned cash and still keep your piano in top condition without ever having to call a piano tuner again. You can learn to tune your own piano, even if you have no previous tuning or musical experience!

Piano tuning is not rocket science and it is NOT a musical skill. It's based on a simple acoustic principle that anyone can learn. It does not require a perfect ear or a degree from a conservatory or years of study. All you need is normal hearing, a little time to sit at your piano, and this entertaining, easy to follow, illustrated booklet, sold complete with tuning tools!

As a professional piano tuner for the past 20 years, I know how quickly even the best pianos can go out of tune....I've counted on that phenomena to earn my living. I also know how expensive competent professional piano service can be. That's why I've written this fully illustrated tuning manual that reveals the secrets piano tuners don't want you to know....a practical manual that takes the mystery out of piano tuning and shows you step-by-step how to maintain your piano in top tuning condition.  No confusing and unnecessary theory.

You'll learn:

* Why your piano keeps losing it tuning, sometimes within just a few weeks of professional service.
* How to recognize the "Beat" --the technical trick tuners use to guide them in adjusting the strings for perfect resonance.
* How to easily and quickly correct those annoying "twanging" notes that can ruin your piano practice.
* How to correct sour octaves anywhere on the keyboard.
* How to tune correctly tempered fifths.
* How to tune the entire keyboard of any acoustic piano in the manner of the professional tuner (with an easy step-by-step tuning chart).
* How to raise and lower the pitch.

All this, and more, for about the price of one professional tuning. Order now and you'll receive my step-by-step booklet, "YOU CAN TUNE YOUR OWN PIANO, Secrets Piano Tuners Don't Want You To Know",Fully Illustrated a quality tuning hammer, A440 tuning fork, and five string mutes, everything you need to tune any acoustic piano, postage paid. Plus, you can receive any additional instruction or advice you may need learning to tune your piano from me, by phone, e-mail or snail mail, anytime you want.

Why wait? Start saving now. To order, just send a money order or your personal check along with your return address in the amount of $83.95 (postage paid in U.S. only. For Canadian orders add $7. Overseas add $15 shipping) to:

Peter Summers
501 Plaza Acres Ct.
Belton, MO. 64012

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If you prefer, pay by credit card. Just click the PayPal logo below. U.S. ORDERS ONLY. International orders: please visit my webpage to order by credit card.

(New! Now available as an E-BOOK download. Click here for more information). Or , or contact me by phone at (816) 318-1080. I can usually ship your order the same business day I receive it. If not absolutely satisfied, return the book and tools in good condition within 14 days of delivery and I'll refund your money. (To expedite shipment tools and book may be sent in separate packages).

Also available, the companion volume "You Can Repair And Regulate Your Own Piano", an illustrated guide to making most common repairs and regulations on any acoustic piano, complete with tool kit.

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