E/95 News Archive


Feb 21: Kitty became a proud father of a baby boy.
Feb 21: Ragulan's father passed away.
Feb 3: Raguthas got married to Rasikala. Invitation.


Dec 31: Nimaladas's father passed away.
Dec 26: Nesakone's father passed away.
Aug 30: Sivakanthan got married to Visitha. Invitation.
Aug 24: "Football" "Sooran" Aravinthan got married to Gayathiry. Invitation.
Aug 23: "Pappi" Kokula Ramana got married to Prashanthi. Invitation.
Aug 3: Ramana and Lakshmi became proud parents of a baby girl. Their second child.
July 15: Thiva wed Jothika. Invitation.
July 2: Thuvarakan and Jeyanthini became proud parents of a baby boy.
June 3: Vije married Kalpana.
Mar 29: Kugan's father passed away in Trinco.
Feb 28: "Vadi" Sutharavadivel and Mathura became proud parents of a baby girl.
Jan 28: "Pacca" Pramalathan's father died of heart-attack in Colombo.
Jan 28: "Viduppan" Suthan got married to Kalaivani. Invitation.


Nov 28: Gunalan and Nirupa became proud parents of a baby girl.
Nov 03: "Sando" Subakaran got married to Suthagini. Invitation.
Oct 25: "Payilvan" Sivasuthan and Sugarna became proud parents of a baby girl.
Oct 18: "Vakodakama" Thavachandren got married to Jeyaluxmy. Invitation.
Aug 24: "Vaalaithandu" Mukunthan got married.
Jun 9: "Gemmai" Ragulan wed Sureiya.
Jun 7: "Jambulingam" Sethulingam got married to Umathevy.
Jun 7: "Bill Gates" Priya got married to Leony. Invitation.
Jun 1: "Kitti" Krishnagopalan got married to Kalyani .
May 28: "Chutti Kuzhanthai" Ragavan wed Gowri .
May 9: Yoges became proud father of a baby girl. His second child.


31 Oct: "Lokka" Logi has been awarded "Best Student of NUS for Masters in Project Management" by the Society of Project Mangers, Singapore.
14 Oct: Satha obtained his PhD. degree from the University of Wollongong, Australia. First in our batch.
14 Oct: "Gemmai" Ragulan joined Southwest Research Institute.
20 Aug: Nesakone wed Pioshy.
17 Aug: Gunalan wed Nirooba.
2 Jul: Annual get-to-gather of the PeraCanadians held at Bruce Mills Conservation Park, Scarborough, Ontario.
29 May: Prabhakar got married.
25 Mar: "Mutti" Sathees wed Anusha.
25 Mar: Thuvarakan wed Jeyanthini. Invitation.
25 Jan: Priyatharshan joined the Intel Corp., Seattle, USA as a "Signal Integrity Engineer".
12 Jan: Newman's father has passed away in Colombo.
07 Jan: "Thadiyan"Aravinthan's mother has passed away in Jaffna on January 6, 2005.


15 Dec: "Payilvan" Sivasuthan wed Sugarna. Invitation.
14 Oct: Thevaragavan's brother passed away in an accident yesterday in Sri Lanka.
27 Sep: "Thatti" Tharmendira joins URS Corp. Los Angeles, USA (www.urscorp.com) as a Staff Geotechnical Engineer, after completing his Masters degree at Baffalo University, Baffalo, USA.
02 Sep: "Kaluram" Jeyaram married to Theepana. Invitation.
06 Jul: "Gemmai" Ragulan passed the Texas Professional Engineers exam with over 90%.
11 Feb: Gowry wed Pirakalathan. Invitation
09 Feb: "Karu" Karunananthan wed Jeyaruby. Invitation. Our wishes.
09 Feb: Chandrakumar wed Jamuna. Invitation.


11 Dec: "PP" Pirathapan wed Pratheepa. Our wishes.
18 Aug: Satha wed Ramani
25 May: Koneswaren wed Sivagini. Invitation.
: Nimalan became a proud father of a baby boy
: Ravichandran got married


: Saravanakugan wed Mohana
: Jeyagowri wed Sutharsanan
: Nanthan wed Sakitha
: Nimalan wed Tharmini
: Gunaranjan's father passed away