Board Setup
Skating in Hong Kong 15th of june onwards.  Spot map of Hong Kong to come out mid June so stay tunned look here. also possibly one of Gold Coast comming out too.  If you have any information or would like a copy when they are complete please email me.
Flip Tricks
Grab Tricks
Hi im a skater thats lives in australia.?I learnt to skateboard in Hong Kong.?My friends from school taught me how to do a few basic tricks like ollieing etc. But i found it really hard to find a good site on the internet that was helpful in showing tricks in a simplified photo form.?So in doing my part for skateboarding i decided to make this page.?Please if you have any questions ect. please email me at sign the guest book and i hope you learn stuff that took aloong time remember this the more effort that you put in the more rewards you will recieve.?Remember respect from other skaters takes time to build up so dont expect them to come up to you any time soon you gotta make the first move bust some movies and always keep skating!!!!!!! By the way theres a really good site you should visit fat free there in my links page.
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A good site keep it up fella's