Welcome to my home, Traveller. elcome, Traveller. Rest your weary feet awhile in my humble abode. Take a seat by the fire and lay your troubles aside. I am Eric Hess, of the small shire Somerset, though I am on a crusade to the fair city of San Luis Obispo to attend further schooling to hone my mind. I shall be your host for your stay, if anything displeases you, or you wish to converse at greater length, you may send a messenger to me.

Eric HessWhile examining these pages, you may learn much about me, and those that I call my friends. Before you embark on that quest, I shall tell you about myself in brief. First, I be yet a work in progress. I have a great deal of work to go before I reach the Man I wish to grow into, and I am ever striving to improve myself. I care little of what others wish to mold me into, and to some, this makes me seem arrogant and cold, even callous at times. This is not the front that I wish to present to them, and I regret that they recieve that impression, yet I can not alter it, for it comes from not knowing me as well as they may think. As well as growing in spirit, I keep my body healthy as best I can. The wild lands have always been a joy to be in, and many of my activities take me into the depths of the mountains or through the bright woods. Backpacking, hiking, riding (both the four legged and two wheeled beasts), kayaking, skiing, and many sports are a great joy to me. Baseball, golf, racquetball, rounders, cycling and other sports have at one time or another held my interest. Above all, though, I have found great joy in reenacting my country's history, though brief it may be. The Civil War holds the most interest for me, and I am a Corporal for the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Collis Zouaves. I have also taken an interest in the history of the Roman Empire, as well as the Middle Ages in Europe. That is all you need know of me to begin your journey. Fare thee well, and may your journey be a pleasant one.

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