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Why do you want to be an empowered investor?

If you think that your broker has your interest in mind, you are wrong. Consider this list of Wall Street Brokerages that have been penalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission for Conflict of Interest.

  • Citigroup: fined $500 million
  • Credit Suisse First Boston: fined $250 million
  • Bear Stearns: fined $75 million
  • Goldman Sachs: fined $75 million
  • Lehman Bros.: fined $75 million
  • UBS Warburg: fined $75 million
  • J.P. Morgan: fined $50 million
  • Morgan Stanley: fined $50 million
  • Thomas Weisel Partners: fined $50 million
Accumulation of wealth is not a fanciful step toward a life of luxury and pomp, but an essential step toward financial strength. Each family or individual needs this strength to finance the purchasing of a home, children's education, comfortable retirement, catastrophic medical expenses, etc.
Gaining the financial strength may require participation in the market and employment of various instruments of investing. However, to many, the market is driven erratically by unknown forces and the functioning of the instruments of investing is shrouded in obscure terminology and vague acronyms. As a result, some stay out of the market, some endow blind faith on expensive financial planners, and some chase "hot tips".

The purpose of this site is education. The contents cover the frequently-ignored, basic principles of investing. Educate yourself and become an Empowered Investor. This is an independent site; any particular investment is neither pushed nor hyped. The site does not get any monetary benefit, brokerage fee, or agent's fee from your investment decisions.

What will you learn?

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