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Hi Everyone!  If you know me, and visiting this site suggests that you might, you probably know that I love riddles.  Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe, but I love to riddle.  Here, you can riddle to your heart's desire, and if I run out of space, since there are so many great riddles, just click on the links to the right.
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The Riddles
They're pretty chestnutty, so don't blame me
The answers to these riddles can be found by highlighting the line directly below the riddle.
What can run, but never walks,
What has a mouth but never talks,
Has a mouth but never sleeps,
Has a head, but never weeps?
A River

What lies in bed and stands in bed?
First white, then red
The plumper it gets, the better the old woman likes it?
A Strawberry

When is a door not a door?
When it's a jar

There is a thing that never is,
And yet it has a name.
It's sometimes tall and sometimes short,
Joins out talks, joins our sports,
And plays in every game.
A Shadow

Out of the eater came forth the meat,
Out of the strong came forth the sweetness.
Samson and a lion got in attack,
And Samson climbed up on the lion's back.
Well, you've read about lion killin'  men with their paws,
But Samson put his hands 'round the lion's jaws!
He rode that lion 'till the beast fell dead,
And bees made honey in the lion's head.
(This riddle has a double answer: the lion & the bees)

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