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  Cool tunes for ruthless fragin'.

Vertical Horizon
Album:  Everything You Want

Courtesy of BMG Records (Pilipinas)

This is one of those [few] CDs that you'll listen to over and over.  Hear VH play Everything You Want and You're a god.

The Vertical Horizon sound is original and fluid -- rock that's melodic enough that you'd want to sing along.  You won't get a headache with this one.

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Kudos to Team Nexwave for this fine web site! We put our stuff on the Web because we believe that information begs to be free. While the CD version is still found in mag stores all over the Metro it's here on the Web that we create the hottest reviews and coolest features on the fly. The MP3s and videos were produced to be "bandwidth-friendly" and we scaled down on quality to make the material feasible even over dial-up connections.

The new features at E-Scape On-line are Rants and Raves and the Game Monitor. Share your thoughts about our game reviews or participate in our on-line survey of the most popular computer games played by Pinoy gamers. We are working on more features that will be unveiled to Filipino gamers soon.

We're not just another web site or "dotcom"-- we're building an on-line experience and a community! So enjoy your stay on-site and drop by often.

Ramon B. Reyes
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F1 Championship 2000    28.8 RealPlayer G2

EA Sports has of late, become a brand that you can bank on to deliver high quality PC sport games. There is the excellent NBA Live 2000 and the outstanding Porsche Unleashed. Now they enter the world of Formula 1 with F1 Championship 2000 - and my-oh-my what a grand entry!     [ More

Sudden Strike

Developer CDV is seeking to be the first to offer real RTS-style flavor in a World War II setting. Scheduled for an August release, Sudden Strike is looking good and may even be the most visually compelling RTS game you will ever play.    [ More

Special Report
Star Trek on PC

Star Trek's deep intellectual themes continue to challenge developers and the games remain a "hit-and-miss" proposition. We look back on past games as well as current and future games. Will the franchise move at quarter-impulse power anytime soon?    [ More

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           Daikatana  [ More ]

   3D Video

   Guillemot 3D Prophet II

   Guillemot was the
   first out with Nvidia's
   new video chip, the
   GeForce2. In
   December 1999,it was also    Guillemot who came out with    the first GeForce card, the 3D    Prophet. They did it again with    the 3D Prophet II GTS. [More

   3dfx Voodoo5 5500

   The new Voodoos
   are impressive and
   deliver the
   performance that
   has become the hallmark of
   3dfx. It's a fast card that cost
   a lot less.  [ More


   Open Skies, Road
   and Track

   When you    walk into
   any well-
   store, you
   come across dozens of game    controllers. There are an
   infinite variety of mice,
   gamepads, joysticks, and
   steering wheels out there.
   But only a few of these stores
   have demo units available so
   it's virtually impossible to
   decide which are the best
   ones to buy.  [ More

   Microsoft Sidewinder
   Force Feedback Wheel

   Bring home the arcade
    racing experience.  [ More

   More hardware features here.

Fraggin' at E-magix

Team Nexwave was having a hearty burger lunch at Hotshots along Pearl Drive when they noticed E-magix's brochure at the counter. After wolfing down the burgers the team decided to check it out. E-magix is an internet and game cafe -- and a cool one at that! With high-powered PCs, this joint really rocks!    [ More

At the Crossroads

Trouble in your career?  Feeling the need for change?  Take a look at the lives of five people who made drastic changes or totally begun a new one.  [ More
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