Gu Lang Yu, the piano island, the symbol of Xiamen.

Located in southeast China, Xiamen is a very laid-back city, extremely green and clean.  It was in this city that I learned to drink and love the oolong tea, now my favourite of all Chinese tea.
The centre of Xiamen is an island, and Gu Lang Yu is yet another small island next to Xiamen.  It can be very touristy as it is the closest you can get to Taiwan on mainland China.  Away from the tourists, though, there are many peaceful lanes on Gu Lang Yu that are covered with plants and dotted with colonial buildings.  Wanna go for a walk?
In the countryside of Xiamen, lots of traditional buildings and structures are still well-preserved, as well as the traditional way of life.
This is the traditional canal for irrigation.
An old temple at Maxiang Town.  If you travel in southern China, many villages have their own temples, although they may be dedicated to different cults.  That's the nature of our way of worship, I guess  :)
With the civil servant and military officer for support, you are ready to rule.
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