Second Stellation (4 colors)
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  • Designer:
Stewart Coffin
  • Material:
Take the puzzle I (wrongly) call 2nd stellation, make V notches at both ends of each piece and you will obtain the true Second Stellation of the Rhombic Dodecahedron. More pratical than making the V notches is to use a six-sided center block, two right handed prism blocks and to tetrahedral pyramid blocks for each piece.

  • Pieces

6, identical in shape; but you can try a four colored version following this scheme:

There are several ways of assembling the puzzle in color simmetry.

Units needed: 6 six-sided center blocks, 12 righ handed prism blocks and 12 rhombic pyramid blocks.

CGN, 2001, 2002


Last modified: 2002-09-16