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The Infantilist Support Club Forum
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The Infantilist's Declaration of Independence From Ignorance

Kathi S.'s Report on Infantilism

            One of the most well researched and most scholarly treatments of the phenomenon of infantilism available anywhere that on the web that we know of.  To visit this site, click on:

Kathi's Report: What is True Infantilism?

The Overcoming Infantilism (OI)
Support Forum

            The OI Forum is an evangelical-faith-based, full-stop support group. The OI Forum uses the Yahoo-Message-List format. To the best of our knowledge this is the only ongoing full-stop Forum on the Net.  It is operated by Dean Winiarski .  The OI Forum might work best for Born-Again Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christians.  
            Disclaimer: The webmasters of this Web site do not necessarily endorse the methods employed by the the OI Forum, which include certain types of censorship and wich may require a certain amount of Christian faith, and faith in the methods of Biblical interpretation of the leaders of that site.  We advise caution to any who would venture there.  Some infantilists believe that the methods employed by the OI Forum may have damaging or unhealthy psychological side affects, or that they may provide only a very narrow or limited interpretation of the broader and fuller scope of Christianity.
            The link below is included on this site in compliance with this site's general policy of non-censorship.  One example of the level of censorship that goes on at the OI Forum is the fact that all links that anyone at that site may post to this site are deleted.  To the best of our knowledge, there is no written and publicly available policy statement at the OI Forum clearly stating which materials will be deleted and which will not.  
            The OI Forum claims to offer a way of dealing with infantilism that has alledgedly been somewhat effective with some individuals in curbing the behavior pattern, yet to the best of our knowledge, none of these individuals reports to have been absolutely cured from his or her inner desires.  So in the spirit of the freedom of information, and having duly forewarned any who would venture there, the link to that site is:

The Overcoming Infantilism Support Forum

For a definition of Full Stop, you can click on:

Full-Stop Definition.

Contacting the Webmaster of This Site:

            If you are of like mind and might be interested in contributing to this site in any way, please feel free to contact me.  While due to my unpredictable schedule I can not guarantee a quick reply to emails, still you will probably find a more prompt reply to your questions and concerns in the Club House Forum, usually within a few weeks.  I can be contacted at:

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