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As it brags, this is the Coolest Shop Ever. Like an Online Thrift store or something, it's got everything, from amazingly vintage used jackets to bombed-out designer shoes and clothing to even awesome toys and artwork. Check this out for a unique look


The Vintage look is what we strive for here at EAMTE, so what better place to research (and shop)than a vintage shop?? Local Celebrity has the better variety and funniest shirts, but has the cutsy innocent look to it. We recommend BOTH!!

This is a humungous collection of real vintage concert memorabilia. There are many names such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airship, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and the list just goes on and on! These precious antiques don't come cheap though; prices range from $5 to well over $2000!! some aren't even for sale they're so rare! But check it out, you never know if you're favorite band is for sale!

Like a fashion temple for EAMTE. ALL HAIL TO THE 80S!! Merciless greed and yuppy scum, EAT THIS!!! O how we miss you TMNT and fraggle rock.. o how we miss you goonies. But you live on.. our chests.

Hilarious shirts featuring ULTRA-RETRO images. Check out the sbuca shirts and curious vintage tees! Pazy loves the FLUXO tee the most

OOOOO CRAP!! VINTAGE IRON ONS!! *slides on oxygen mask* THESE ARE THE COOLEST THING EVER!! Sure they peel off.. but then you've got a kickin vintage, worn out shirt!!! THESE ARE SO FRICKIN COOL! They even put it on YOUR CHOICE of shirt!!! How fuckin cool is that??

ROBOT PARADE!! Awesomely Awesome DIY clothing, accessories, etc etc. everything cool about robots and fashion

OMG How we LOVE robots, dinosaurs, and nuns on motorcycles. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Cmoncheck it out. cmooon. You know you wanna.

Cutsy Creepy Creatures thatll make you "aww" and "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!" at the same time. Hoodies, Winter Wear, and Shirts galore! yaaay!!

Very Indie artsy but totally R A D I C A L lookin shirts. cmon buy one.. buuuy iiiit.

Funny AND witty. what a pair. take a gander at the comic while youre at it. Slave child.

Heh don't we all love a little real live vintage? This site's got stuff dating back to the 40s! Theyve got the undies, skirts, dresses, even stuff for the menly men. Swing back n take a peek.

Ok these are just the COOLEST sexy costumes ever. Pazy loves the faerie and witch outfits! We also enjoy there wide selection of sexy underweers. (BOYS: HINT HINT HIIIIINT)

This is the classic underwear shop. EVERY GIRL loves a little bit of Victoria's Secret. Expensive sometimes, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT. bitch. SO SHOP AND SCOOP OUT the goodness and pureness.. haha jus bullshittin yeaz. go take a peek. hehe

For the sexy MetroMale in your life that spends longer time doing his hair than you do. Boxers, Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs, whatever floats your manly boat. And for the girlies: GUYS IN THEIR SKIVVIES!!!! mm i mean theres a niiice butt on the front page!!

Top of the line and Professionally done corsets. These are gorgeous and well done, buuut.. a wee bit pricey; It's in pounds, and you can convert the prices, but when you do, be sure to pick your jaw up from the ground and put on that puppy face for some extra cash!

B I T C H I N G B A G S ! ! ! simple as that. we recommend PoP RocK!

Brought it back. Crackers and honey!! woo for the girl girl loser inside.

Crazy-ass party shoes. For those who like to take a -verylarge- step on the WILD SIDE. UNfortunately, these are sold FROM ENGLAND, but if you're willing to dish out a pretty penny for a pair of these kickers, GO FOR IT!

cmon you know you wanna rock out these wild ass shoes. YOU KNOW YOU DO! Tons of Fashions with an array of colors makes for one hell of a shopping spree. Queen of the Shoes Ms. Pazy gives this site ten toes up. O yeah. toesies.

OK yeah totally mainstream. Sorry! Sorry!! But you know these are irresistable!!! They come in over 200 styles, one for everybodys personality.. Or if you're not for the wild approach, go for the classics. They last a good while and look great with EVERYTHIIING. No you know you cant pass that up. CMooon.

Awesome collection of Middle Eastern and Indian attire, henna tattooing, and bindi (jewelry) check out the eye corner jewels!

The FRICKIN HOSSEST rings ever to be molded rfom plastic and glass. Hundreds of crack-down amazing designs to nourish and dazzle your finger joints!! They sell fast, so hurry!! and buy!!!!

Kick-@$$ jewelry at very cheap prices!!! We at EAMTE drool over their selction of 80S ARTIFACTS!! Pazy especially favors the mini pistols and hotdogs earrings! mm hotdogs..


Creepiliscious e-shop filled tot he brim with gothicabilia. There's creepy tales of folklore and even cute stamps. Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, and Emily the Strange are the wel-knowns on the page. Check it out *if you daaare*

Naughty little gifts and luxuries for youself and others.. Have fun. Be bad. Clean up afterward

Need a doss of the good kind of naked ladies? Or maybe some dirty filthy secrets? How about how to fix a meal like a woman really should? Hehe it's kinda a sexist/male-dominated world in there, with saucy sex shizz and all tha jazz. Just go.

Heh just HAD to bring back this godforsaken site. Everybody at eamte either LOVES cats and/or has one, good or evil. We dare you to swat these fuckers in the face. We DARE you. You can't back out! See yah in the emergency room!

Pazi is a member. And a fan. Big fan. All she lives for is running home and stripping down to her roos. It's not sexual for her, and it's not for this site. It's just a site for non-sexual skivvie lovers. Cmon.. throw those jeans n tee over there.. WAAAAY over there and lets see some skin and satin!