How to Make Money on the Internet Reading Emails, Surfing Web Sites and More!

There are many sources of "free cash" available on the internet. You can get paid to surf the web, answer surveys, read e-mail ads, and even to visit web sites! This web site is meant to serve as an index to many of of these money-making opportunities, to answer questions about how these programs work, to provide information on the method, amount, and frequency of payment, and to provide recommendations and rankings of many these programs based on my own and other visitors experiences.

There is no fee to join any of these programs. This is not a scam, but it is also not a "get-rich-quick" scheme either. You will make money from these programs, perhaps even several hundred dollars a month or more if you register with multiple programs and refer others people to them. But be warned of internet sites promising you will make thousands of dollars a month soon after signing up - and then ask you to send them a processing fee, or to buy a catalog containing the information. (Just remember that age-old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"). All I ask in return for providing you with the following free information is that you use my referral number when signing up to join some of the programs below.

Now on to the programs!

Some of the best ways to make money on the internet!

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1. Reading E-mails

2. Surfing and Searching the Web

3. Answering Surveys

4. Playing Games

5. Setting up a New Start Page on your Internet Browser

6. Creating a Web Page

7. Putting Banners on your Web Site

8. Selling Stuff from your Web Site

9. Valuable Reading Materials

10. Program of the Month: February


Make Money Reading E-mails!

Paid e-mail programs are probably one of the best ways to earn some cash on the internet. Usually you get paid between 3 and 5 cents for each e-mail you receive from these programs. Some are more active than others, but even if you sign up for all the programs below (which I recommend) you are still unlikely to receive more than 15 e-mails a day. Be sure when you are enrolling in these programs to click as many boxes as possible in the interest section, since the more boxes you click the more e-mails they will send you and the more money you will earn. Here are some of the best paying programs on the internet - click on the banners or program names to enroll:





Earn "income from your membership, all at the same time doing stuff you like, like surfing the web, reading interesting materials pertaining to your hobby and interests, getting cash back from online purchases, and commissions when your referrals shop, and much, much more!"

You get paid 3 cents for every e-mail you receive.



Get paid $10 for just registering - and then tell your friends and earn more money!

5 cents per read e-mail. Offers you the choice of receive a check when you have $25.00 or $50.00 in gift certificates!

Pretty much like the ads says... don't receive unpaid e-mail, get paid e-mail at! Some of the e-mails I have received from paidemail have also asked me to participate in surveys in which it is possible to win up to $2500. Highly recommended.

"What is all about? offers its members an exciting opportunity to get paid for reading email. We pay our members for reading and clicking on messages from our sponsors. allows its members to also get paid for each person they directly refer, and for each person they indirectly refer.... Each month that your account exceeds US$50, you will be sent a check by mail from (amounts below $50 are carried forward to the next month). You can check your account balance (how much money we owe you) anytime by visiting the the Account Center of the website."




You get $10 for signing up to receive a daily message. Then make more money through responding to ads and referals. You usually get one e-mail newletter from them each day, with several ads inside that you click to receive credit for. Highly recommended.

I receive more paid e-mails from than any other read e-mail program - up to eight a day, which amounts to $.40 a day, or $12.00 a month. You earn 5 cents for each email you receive from Be sure when signing up to check as many boxes as interest as possible - the more you check, the more e-mails you will receive, and the more money you will make! Click on the link or banner above - then click on the "sign up" button to start earning money now! Highly Recommended



Make Money Surfing the Web!

These programs pay you for doing what you are doing right now - surfing the web! Some of them will even pay you to use your computer while you sleep. Some pay you directly in cash, others pay you in "points" that are redeemable for cash and merchandise - you can even earn air miles. 



Pays about $0.60 per hour. Unlimited use time. members are paid monthly when their earnings exceed $30. When using ad viewer, keep an eye on the "Fiesta Boy" - you're only earning points when he's walking, not sleeping! PC only - does not support Macintosh.

CashSurfers has sent many paychecks. You can even get paid to sleep (and keep your computer on)! PC Only.

"Our goal is to send out as much cash as possible. We want to give you a bigger check than any other program out there. The largest check we sent out was $1205.95! The average check was $43.68 in August 2000... We offer links to Free Email, Homepages, Greeting Cards, Chat, and many other great features and tools! Best of all you will part of a growing community! We pay 45 days after the end of each month for the pay period ending at the end of each month... CashSurfers has formed a relationship with United Devices(tm), the company leading the Distributed Computing revolution. Distributed Computing takes advantage of your computer while you sleep. Your PC can work on important projects, such as a cure for cancer, without interfering with your
normal computing usage, even when you are awake! Not only can you contribute to some of the most exciting scientific discoveries of our time--you can even get paid for it! " Highly recommended. is now up and running again (as of February 1, 2001) after their merger-then-break-up with (you can read about this if you want). Rates still seem to be undetermined, but they do promise to share at least 50% of their ad revenues with members. Clickdough used to be one of the most popular paid-to-surf programs on the web before these management issues. You might wish to give them a try again.

On rates and payment - from their new page:

"Due to the evolutionary nature of our business, the terms and rates of compensation that TargetFirst will be able to pay to members for using the ClickDough Service may vary over time...Subject to the terms of this Agreement, TargetFirst will mail you a check, or otherwise transfer your requested payment or other compensation to you or to your specified bank or other account within a reasonable time after you have accumulated the minimum required ClickDough credits in your account and you have requested payment and/or redemption using the ClickDough Request Payment page."

Sign up for a free Cybergold membership!


"Join more than 9 million Cybergold members and get CASH for having fun. Visit Web sites, sign up for free stuff, enjoy great offers and more. Shop here and save! Get up to 10% cash back when you shop with more than 130 top brand-name merchants. Spend the cash you make here on MP3 music, e-books, lifestyle gear, and more. Or donate it! You can even transfer your cash into your checking account or onto your credit card."

Sign up for a FREE MyPoints® Cybergold® membership!


Want something other than cash? Then earn air miles while surfing the web! The FreeAir Miles that a member accumulates in their account can be redeemed for airline tickets on virtually any airline.

"This is the place where you can earn miles by doing things, on-line, that you already do. You can earn miles for simply visiting participating advertisers' web sites, registering at sites and shopping. It's that easy!"

Payrate around $0.35 per hour. Sends out checks after you have earned $15. You can use the GetPaid4 Bar for up to 100 hours every month.

" will pay you for using your computer as long as you are connected to the internet and active. Advertisers pay us to reach the public and now we are going to share the profits with YOU!! The GetPaid4 Bar is simply a small bar at the bottom of your screen that displays ads...... can mean tremendous profit for YOU!!"

"Our goal is to bring consumers and advertisers together by offering you cash rewards, rebates and jackpot entries for surfing the web. Whether it's checking out new web sites, shopping or just looking for information we pay you to do it! Refer your friends and make a percentage of what they directly earn! Why not earn money during the time you already spend on the Internet? "

You may request a check anytime your account is over $20.

(New! As of January, 2001, seems a bit disorganized - up and running, but site still not totally complete)

Net Flip

Get paid $3.00 for just signing up! Then get paid to visit - amount varies by web site ($.01 - $.05). 10 visits per day max, also need to stay at site for about 30 seconds. Many money earning opportunites as well - get paid for signing up for special offers, sweepstakes and referrals.

"The NetFlip search engine pays you cash for visiting websites. We also pay when you refer your friends and family to NetFlip. At NetFlip, you can earn up to 20% cash back on purchases from hundreds of the internet's top sites. You can earn even more at NetFlip by checking out our Fast Cash offers which pay you over $200 in cash. NetFlip will send you a check when your account reaches $20.00!"

"Make over $200 from NetFlip plus get entries to win $50,000! Making $200 has never been easier, all you have to do is visit NetFlip and complete great offers from premier companies. While you're completing offers and earning you will also receive entries for a $50,000 CASH sweepstakes."

Get Paid to Surf @ 

PayBar is a consistent way to earn about $9/month (not including any referrals you might have).

"For loads of ways to get paid, check out the links to COUPONS, CONTESTS, EMAIL and GAMES THAT PAY, JOBS, and even the US GOVERNMENT (you know, for college scholarships and other programs). The PayBar even has links to worthy charitable causes for when you want to share some of that pay.... PLUS, even PAYS YOU to view and respond to ads and special offers! ... also pays you for when your friends are online, and when their friends are online, and when their friends are online.... Our members have earned $1.25 an hour or more just by referring their friends. But, this program just keeps getting better. Unlike other ones that make you surf the net to earn, you only have to be online to use ours. Reading emails? You're earning. Writing a letter? You're earning!..."

Surf for points that are redeemable towards: Charitable Contributions, Contests and Sweepstakes, Dining, Gift Certificates to Local Stores, Point Auctions, Online Shopping Certificates, Travel, and much much more! Earn points when you: complete surveys, receive e-mail offers, register for websites, respond to special offers, searchshop online, visit websites, and refer friends.

Earn Qool coins by surfing the web, making referrals and viewing ads, and then bid on items at their "free auction" with your qool coins. Get at least 500 coins for just signing up - enough to bid on several items. Pretty fun and Highly recommended.




"Get $2 for signing up. Get paid to search. Earn cash referring friends. Win cool prizes.... is the most effective tool for searching the Internet. In addition to providing the best search results, we also compensate our users for utilizing our site. We will compensate users $0.02 for visiting web sites with an appearing next to the listing. Users will be compensated for visiting up to 20 sites a day. You must stay on paying sites at least 20 seconds to be compensated... Our members are paid on a monthly basis once their account balance is greater than $20.00. You can [also] earn Quick Cash by signing up for special promotions and services. It's simple, click on an offer, complete the offer, and get paid. You can earn a ton of cash in just a few minutes!"

Get Silverclicks!

Get silverclick points for clicking, shopping, and referrals. Silverclicks™ are redeemable for thousands of prizes, vacations and high quality merchandise. New members automatically earn 200 silverclicks! Highly recommended.

Earn up to $0.70 an hour surfing the net! One of the more popular programs to earn cash while surfing the internet.

"The SpediaBar is a free software application that lets you earn money while you surf the Internet. It's a small bar that docks next to your PC browser (Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) and displays advertising. You earn one point for each minute you have your SpediaBar open andyou actively browse the Internet with normal surfing behavior. This amounts to $0.70 per hour if you are a Premier member."




Make Money Answering Surveys!

Do you have an opinion? These companies will pay you for it!

American Consumer Opinion:
Each person who participates in a survey receives some type of "Thank You" (a free product to test, cash, a check, a gift, and/or a chance to win larger cash awards through drawings). The incentives typically range in value from $4 to $25, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to fill it out. If a survey is extra long, then the award could be $25 or more. Participants in online focus groups generally receive $25 or more. Pays between $25 and $45 for filling out surveys and participating in group chats and one-on-one interviews.

Greenfield Online: Pays with cash and cash prizes. Surveys posted fairly frequently (several a month). Can win up to $100 participating in a survey. Group chats pay $75 or more. Money deposited into an iGain account. You can request payment at anytime. If you choose to complete a sponsored survey, you will receive payment for your time. Usually the amount is from $2-$10 -- All for about 10-15 minutes of your time. Your check will arrive in the mail within a few weeks after you submit the questionnaire for a sponsored\ study. Highly recommended.

NPD Online Research Many studies with cash or gift incentive, usually in a sweepstakes format with a winner selected from the survey responses received approximately 4 weeks after the survey's availability online Different surveys will pay out different amounts, and may vary anywhere from $1 to $25 (or higher!). This amount will depend on a number of factors, especially the length of the survey and the company's desired turn-around time for the results. Before you complete a survey, though, you will be told exactly how much you will be paid. All users will be paid in U.S. dollars by check. Checks will be mailed out quarterly, and you must have at least a $15 credit on your account to receive a check. Credits on any accounts totalling less than $15 will be rolled over to the next quarter. Highly recommended. "Why Join Your opinion is not just important, it's the backbone of what we do at Luth Research: gather people's opinions for worldwide market research. We ask consumers like you what you want or don't want, or like or dislike, in the products and services you use everyday. The power has always been with the people, and Luth Research has been a leader in gathering people's opinions about products and services. Now, with we've built one of the first Web sites to allow you the convenience of filling out these surveys online. Already, Luth Research has paid consumers like you more than $5 million for telling us what you think via traditional methods. Now, we'll be paying you for your online participation in surveys, and your friends and their friends online participation." On the average: 12 surveys a year. Highly recommended.

Researchers offer prizes and rewards for your participation in their surveys. Surveys run very frequently with a sweepstakes format for winning money from completing surveys: "SurveySpot has awarded thousands of dollars in cash prizes." Sample prize: free gas for a year. Highly recommended.



Make Money Playing Games!

Have fun playing and maybe making a lot of dough!


Now this is fun!!! Over 250,000 CashWarriors already - but a warning: game can be addictive.

"CashWars™ is a game that allows users to steal real money from other users. But don't worry you can only win. And it doesn't cost you a dime. You can build an empire, ally with friends and dominate till you reap the rewards...

Are you ready to fight and steal some booty? The key to CashWars is to attack other players Bases and steal their money. Money in the system is called Akzar Cash. Akzar Cash can be exchanged for real US dollars at the given rate for the month. To find bases you'll need to travel around the planet's surface. You'll also need to have the weapons to accomplish the task and the fortifications and security to protect your own base. You can buy such items at Trading Posts which are scattered throughout the world. By drilling for oil in Fields you'll be able to afford improvements. For quick winnings and prizes head to Mountains. You can get added protection by joining a Mutual Defense Network (MDN) and recruiting your friends to it. You can only move a limited amount per day so choose your trips wisely. It's a wild world out there - be ruthless."


I usually win a dollar or two from FreeLotto each month - not much, but there is always the chance of winning a million! Checks are sent out promptly - or if you wish, you can donate some of your winnings to charity. Highly Recommended!

"FREELOTTOTM is a $1,000,000.00 daily sweepstakes that operates like a lottery - but with a guaranteed $1,000,000.00 winner every month! You need only register one time, and then you can play FreeLotto and FreeLotto supplementary games: FreeLotto Win A Car (Prize: a car), FreeLotto Pay Off your Mortgage ($100,000.00 Prize), FreeLotto Fast Cash, ($10,000.00 Prize), FreeLotto $100,000.00 GiveAway (Prize: $100,000.00), and once you have played these games you will be eligible to play FreeLotto SuperBucks($10,000,000.00 Prize). Registration for these games only requires two things from you: Your name and address (so we know who to pay and where to send your check if you win), and your e-mail address so that we can contact you to confirm your entries."

"Classic FreeLottoTM GRAND PRIZE: One Million ($1,000,000.00) Dollars, paid out as an annuity of $40,000.00 per year for 25 years. If more than one entry contains all of the winning numbers, the Grand Prize will be divided evenly among the correct entries. SECOND PRIZE: $300.00 to each winner. THIRD PRIZE: $5.00 to each winner. FOURTH PRIZE: $1.00 to each winner."




Play up to six times a day - their last three games are "guaranteed winner" games in which they drop a number each day until someone wins. For January their Guaranteed Winner $50,000 card (the sixth and last game you can play) got down to choosing 6 out of 20! You can receive your check as early as two weeks after being notified of winning. However, 3-5 weeks is more usual.



Don't confuse with (below) - quite different. You play games and answer trivia to win points which you can then apply to purchase sweepstake tickets. Your odds of winning some of the smaller prizes - $25 gift certificates to bookstores for example - can be pretty good. Also many "big ticket" prizes, like cars, vacations, and money. Highly Recommended!

If you aren't a member by now, you should be! iWon gives away $10,000 every day, plus $1,000 to 30 different people every Saturday, $1,000,000 every month, and $10,000,000 once a year on tax day! Plus there are many, many other prizes to win daily and monthly - in addition to being a very powerful search engine, and a good sources of news, stock quotes, weather, etc. Personalize your iWon page with the information you find most interesting! Highly Recommended!



Make Money by Setting up a New Start Page on your Internet Browser!

You have to start somewhere... why not get paid for it?!

Pays 5 cents per hit. Sends checks out monthly if your account is $20 or more (if not, the amount rolls-over to the next month and is added to that months total). Highly recommended.

(NEW!) You get points redeemable for cash every time you start you browser, respond to ads, and referring others to the site. Page customized to users interests and every time you open your browser it will open a different page. 80% of revenues generated from advertisers go to virtualstartpage users.



Make Money Setting up a Web Page!

Many companies offer free web space to users - and some even pay you to allow them to advertise on it. So set up a web page today!

Get Paid for Your Site!

"Build a Free Web Site and Get Paid: You create the content and we pay you. Whether you create a personal web site or join our team as a Guru (a topic expert), we compensate you for your work in building the Web. Show people what you know * Get 50 MB of Free Web Space * Get the banner advertising revenue generated by your site * Get Paid for Every HitMake money setting up a web site! * Get Paid to Refer Friends and get a commission for referring to other personal page sites." @ Lycos network

"Host your web sites with Tripod and get paid for it! Lycos Traffic Affiliate Program Great content and cash are what you have to gain by becoming a member of the Lycos Traffic Affiliate Program. Simply choose one or more of the many dynamic Lycos Network Content Boxes and place the boxes on your site. You will collect either $.02 or $.03 every time someone clicks through. That's it. No gimmicks. No tricks. It's simply cash for clicks."


Make Money from Putting Ads on your Web Site!


Now that you have a web site - make even more cash with these ad programs. There are two kind of banner ads that you will most likely be interested in: Page banners and exit banners. Both generally pay by thousand "impressions" - that is, per thousand hits on your site - which is know as the CPM rate. Page banners generally pay less, but exit banners can be more irritating to users. Generally, you sign a contract, paste their code on your web site when approved, and then wait for the check!

January 2001's guaranteed CPM rate is:
Premier Member banner CPM: $0.45 (over 250,000 hits)
Member banner CPM: $0.23 (0-250,000 hits)
Full Page Ad CPM: $4.00

Pays $5 per CPM! Highly recommended. if you don't mind exit banners!


CashRing - Send us hits, we'll send you cheques! Let us pay you! Have a high traffic web site? Want to add content to your page? Or just want to make money on the side? With CashRing, you will be able to earn commissions that pay from 20%, and up to 50% on all new and renewing members that you refer. More Info:

"Once you join, you have at your disposal several ways to make money:
- Posting banners or links on your site
- Posting a form on your site.
- Incorporate and customize our pre-made interface on your site using our database.
- Referring WebMasters and earning a commission off their revenues."

Monthly Revenue: "In March 2000, our associates made $157,000 in total"

Earn cash at

Get Paid for Your Web Site! Get Paid to Refer Friends - Get a commission for referring other personal page sites. Get paid based on the amount of traffic generated by sites you refer. No Limit to the number of referrals you can make. Earn $1 for each of your first five referrals (a $5 total bonus). Commisions earned so far by affiliates: $26,640,384.


Make Money Selling Stuff from your Site!

You can also earn money from your web site by selling stuff for the following companies - and without the hassle of packing, shipping, or promoting!


Amazon Associates

Link to and Start Earning $$ Today! If you have a Web site, you can join the Associates Program and earn money by promoting any of their products from your site. Every time you send them a customer from your site, you earn up to 15% of each sale. Sell books, electronics, kitchenware - in fact, almost anything - without the hassles of having to handle the orders yourself!


Commision Junction

One of the best affiliate programs around. Over 1000 merchants to choose from - earn a commission on every sale. Only downfall - so popular it is often hard to login because the site is too busy, but Highly Recommended.

"Affiliate Marketing with Commission Junction lets you:

- Quickly join and set up a program with our Web-based application
- Work with an experienced and professional customer service team
- Partner with hundreds of thousands of Web sites worldwide
- Manage all of these marketing relationships seamlessly online
- Receive payments in your currency in one monthly check
- Rely on a trusted third-party tracking and reporting system
- Access our advanced ASP technology with one password and i.d.
- Find answers to all of your affiliate marketing questions online
- Focus on your core business while we provide the tools to manage your affiliate program
- Start increasing your online profits today

When you sign up with Commission Junction, you can turn your content or entertainment Web site into a revenue generator in just a few minutes. All you need is a Web site and a free affiliate account with Commission Junction. You can promote the name brand products and services of our merchants through banner ads, text links, and product links they provide and receive a consolidated commissions check each month."

Anyone who has a website can become an affiliate. You can get $3 for each person that signs up. Join up now! Highly recommended.


Valuable Reading Materials for those Seriously Interested in Making Money on the Internet

Not enough info? The check out the excellent books below! 



How to Make Money on the Internet

Avg. Customer Rating:


Book Description

The Internet has an estimated 50 million plus users worldwide! It's popularity is growing like crazy!!! This manual is packed with very useful information about getting online, what and where to sell online, marketing strategies and much, much more!! So many opportuinites are awaiting you! The best part is that you can make money without having to leave your home!!

Reviewer: Paul Sorano from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"OH MY! I am so glad I purchased this guide. I went from hardly knowing how to turn my computer on to making $1000's of dollars in weeks, just by simply running a website on the internet. Thanks so much for introducing this easy to follow guide. Nothing could have been easier! You have truly outdone yourselves!!"


Buy it Now!



Online Markets for Writers : How to Make Money by Selling Your Writing on the Internet



Book Description

The Tedescos' Online Markets for Writers is an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to write for the Web, not to mention anyone wondering how to recycle all those yellowing clips. While some of the book's listings are more thorough than others, all include basic contact information, and most describe a given publication's editorial needs. The best listings offer pointers from editors, as well as inside scoop from contributors. Accompanying the listings are hints on writing for the Internet (make it short and personal, and provide links); profiles of Internet writers and editors; a sample Internet writing contract; the contract the National Writers Union would like to see used; and the Tedescos' 10 favorite places to be published online. At book's end, online writers and editors divulge their favorite Web sites--as if we needed more excuses to procrastinate!

Buy it!, July 18, 2000, Reviewer: David Pascal from NY USA

"Online Markets For Writers is just about the best book on getting online writing assignments I've come across. Listings of hundreds of markets, sites, resources, advice and examples on how to query, contracts, negotiating payments - the works. Maybe the best thing about it is the interviews. The Tedesco brothers decided to go right to the source, online editors and successful working writers, and ask, 'How do you do it? How did you break in? What's hot? What are editors looking for?' The result is not just a book listing places to send your submission but a collection of sound solid advice from dozens of people directly involved and making it in the new media....The bottom line is, this book should be on the shelf of every writer who writes or wants to write for an online publication. It gives you hundreds of places to go, tells you what the editors are looking for, and shows you what to do and what not to do in clear quick easy-to-understand language. It's the book to get, period: I did, and believe me, it's worth every cent. Stop reading thisreview, and go buy it."


Buy it Now!


My Pick of the Month:

I receive more paid e-mails from than from any other paid-to-read e-mail program on the internet! You earn 5 cents for each email you receive from, plus a good referral rate as well. Helpful hint: be sure when signing up to check as many boxes as possible in the "interest section" - the more boxes you check, the more e-mails you will receive, and the more money you will make! Highly Recommended





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