Lane's Quotes
These are a few quotes I have found here & there from not only Lane, but his friends & family. I'm putting these up hoping to let you understand a little bit about how he touched those around him. Not only that, but how he looked at his own life.

~ Mist
Quotes from Lane Frost
"I slacked up a bit last year, but this year I sure would like to win the World again. There's less pressure now, & I'm feeling good about going after another title." ~ Lane Frost, in the 1989 PRCA Handbook
"I knew it was the last chance I had to ride him, & he was loose & cool. He didn't have any idea it was the last time. It was just another chance to buck me off.

One thing that was in my favor, my wife, Kellie, came to watch, & it helped me, made me have more confidence."
~ Lane Frost, in an interview right after his 7th, & final, ride on Red Rock, & he won the "Challenge of the Champions"
"Just being able to come up w/ a ride makes you feel good. It gives you the confidence that you can still ride." ~ Lane Frost, on April 18, 1989, after becoming the top qualifier for the "Walt Garrison All Star Rodeo" which benefited Multiple Sclerosis.
"My dad was a saddlebronc & steer roper & didn't ride bulls so Freckles was my teacher. He was already retired when I started riding bulls, but I watched a lot of film on his rides & he gave me pointers. He wasn't the most talented bullrider but he had a lot of "try" in him.

He never thought he was going to get bucked off until his head hit the ground. He was that way when he had cancer & I visited him in Houston. He was working out w/ the exercise bar at his bed. He always thought he was going to get better. He was my idol, teacher & friend."
~ Lane Frost, on the day of the first "Bullmania : A Tribute To Freckles Brown" Feb. 3, 1989. Lane was the contestants director for that inaugural event. Only one year later the event would be renamed "Bullmania : A Tribute To Freckles Brown & Lane Frost".
*In an interview in April 1988, Lane was asked if his close friendship w/ Tuff Hedeman created problems when they competed. Here is his reply :

"Not at all. I prefer to travel w/ someone who has the same goals I have. It makes me more competitive.

Installing a positive attitude by a friend who understands when things get tough is important in all forms of life, but it's really vital in an individual sport like rodeo. Long roads & strange towns can become lonely places."
~ Lane Frost
Quotes from Tuff Hedeman
"We were the last ones to leave no matter where we were at. If there was somebody who came to say 'hi' to him, he'd always find the time, if we had somewhere we needed to be or not - no matter how big or small, young or old, rich or poor. I never introduced him to anybody who didn't think he was the greatest. He just had a magic to him. He left everybody w/ a smile." ~ Tuff Hedeman
"I was hoping & praying, & a million things were running through my mind when I jumped in that ambulance w/ him.

But I knew it was bad when he waved for help. Lane had the kind of tuffness in him that if he'd had two broken legs he'd have walked walked out of that arena."
~ Tuff Hedeman, talking about that day in Cheyenne.
"Lane Frost & Freckles Brown made bullriding a sport ppl wanted to see, sponors wanted to be a part of, & television wanted to show whether it was on the news or otherwise.

There have always been great bullriders but when you look at those two, they were'nt just bullriders, they were stars."
~ Tuff Hedeman
"Lane was the kind of guy who ppl wanted to know & be close to. We'd stop to fill up w/ gas & might look over & see him changing some lady's tire or trying to get some guy's car started." ~ Tuff Hedeman
"That title was for Lane. I just wanted to finish what we had started out together. This is what we wanted, & I feel real fortunate to get here.

If I can be just half the person that lane was I'd feel real good. He was a real good person, a real good friend."
~ Tuff Hedeman, after winning the 1989 World Championship
"Freckles Brown always told Lane that it was just as easy to make someone smile as make them frown.

Lane told me that too. Coming from him, I took it to heart.

I admired him, & had so much respect for him that I believed him. Just seeing how Lane handled things taught me to treat ppl how I want to be treated.

He truely loved ppl, & when he left them, he wanted them to be happy."
~ Tuff Hedeman
Quotes from some of Lane's friends
"Lane epitomized what a champion ought to be. Your feet don't ever leave the ground if you are a real champion. His head never got bigger than the rest of his body.

There's a reason nobody ever said a bad word about him. Lane was genuine, the real deal.

If he talked to someone for two seconds they were a rodeo fan & a Lane Frost fan for life."
~ Walt Garrison - former star fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, & a director of event promotions United States Tobacco when Lane was on the Winston Pro Tour Team.
"Lane was so nice to ppl that it confused a lot of ppl about how tough he really was, physically & mentally.

They didn't think anyone that nice could be that stubborn or physically tough enough to ride w/ the kind of pain he did at times.

You've got to be fearless. If you have any fear inside you anywhere, you've got to block it out. Lane could do that."
~ Cody Lambert
"It gives me a lot of second thoughts. I know I'll continue to ride b/c that's what I do. But when someone who's one of the best, if not the best ever, has a perfect ride & gets off in good shape & then gets killed, it makes you realize how dangerous it is. There have been deaths before, but you don't think of it happening to a world champion in the prime of his career." ~ Cody Lambert in an interview in the week after Lane's death.
"So many ppl connected w/ Lane b/c he listened to them. His gift was being able to bond w/ ppl by sitting down & talking w/ them about everyday things.

Everybody small talks. Lane wasn't really interested in that. He wanted to talk about anything that meant something, whether it was your hay crop or cattle prices.

The way Lane treated ppl really made an impression on me."
~ Clint Branger, Lane's traveling partner & good friend
"Lane's smile was infectious. He was like a grown-up little kid w/ his good manners. His achievments along w/ his personality & looks, the way he died & where he died make him legendary." ~ Steve Fleming - PRCA
"Lane wanted to meet & talk to everybody. When we all traveled together, we had to wait for him after every rodeo.

He'd be over there talking to kids, fans, old ladies, you name it, & talking to them like he'd known them his whole life.

It was neat to see the way ppl fell in love w/ him. He just had that charisma, that smile."
~ Ty Murray
Quotes from Lane's family
*Lane's family in an interview the week after his death.

"We could never understand it, we could never identify why he was attracted to something when he couldn't even talk, but Lane was interested in riding bulls since day one." ~ Robin - Lane's older sister
"That's all he ever wanted to be. That was his wish from the time he was little. It was him wanting to, we didn't force him. We tried to discourage it even. We'd rather he'd be a banker, a lawyer or something. It was no big deal. We didn't discourage him severely.  We were just hoping - well, it's a tough life." ~ Clyde Frost - Lane's father
"Then we told him if he wanted to rodeo, we said rope calves or do something less dangerous. But we knew there was no chance of that." ~ Elsie Frost - Lane's mother
"Sometimes I feel like tearing out my hair. Everything was so .... good. It was the last thing from my mind, that something like that would happen, especially yo someone as precious as he was. It makes me mad, b/c I think 'he never did anything wrong'." ~ Kellie - Lane's wife, from an article published one year after Lane's death.
"If ppl remember one thing about Lane we want it to be that he was a kind person & knew Jesus." ~ Clyde & Elsie Frost, at the Tribute Ceremony at Cheyenne Frontier Days. July 30, 1999
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