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North Wolds West Division

The North Wolds West division covers a large rural area, comprising the north-western parts of the Wolds and their foothills, down to the Vale of York. The main town is Pocklington, around which are situated several smaller villages.

The Division is divided into two Districts, Stamford Bridge in the west and the larger Pocklington dostrict further east.

Pocklington District
Centred around Pocklington but also including the villages of Barmby Moor and Melbourne.

Stamford Bridge District
Centred round Stamford Bridge - site of the famous battle in 1066! - the units there are fortunate enough to have their own modern brick-built HQ shared with the Scouts. It is fully equipped to make Guiding there especially fun and exciting in this area. There are also units in the nearby villages of of Fangfoss and Wilberfoss.

For details of any of these units, please contact the Webmaster of this site who will
give you a direct contact number for the relevant District Commissioner or Unit Guider.

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