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A Special Note
In recent years, a number of Union veterans, including 14th KY Cavalry Veterans, have received Confederate markers for previous service in the CS Army from which they had, in fact, deserted. Whenever applicable, this information has been noted on this website. By Veteran Administration guidelines, these men are not eligible for a government-funded CS marker.

The majority of these veterans subsequently enlisted in the Union Army from which they were honorably discharged, which in turn makes them indeed eligible for a Union marker, unless the grave has already been marked privately. For exact Veteran Administration Guidelines as well as application forms, please consult the VA's website .

As a personal comment I'd like to add that respect for these men and their convictions is an absolute must, Union or Confederate, not to mention that VA guidelines have to be adhered to when ordering a government-funded marker. Under no circumstances are the markers to be mere reflections of the descendants' or other persons' personal preferences.