Malaysia/Judicial - January 2004
Caning mulled for illegal bike racers
Police are studying proposal

Former driver jailed for rape in bus (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, jailed for 12 years and ordered to receive 7 strokes of the cane

Cane and deportation for 168 illegals (illustrated)
161 men, some of whom pictured, will all receive a stroke of the cane

Divided on public flogging
Different views on proposal to flog child rapists in public

Security Guard Gets 20 Years' Jail, 24 Strokes For Rape Of Nurul Huda (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, sentenced in case which outraged the nation

'Make rape-related laws more effective'
Former Court of Appeal President doesn't support public flogging

Public flogging for sex offenders has its merits
It would have to be shown on TV, writes commentator

Amended law coming into effect soon to whip senior citizen rapists
No more immunity from caning for men over 50

Malaysia/Judicial - February 2004
Mixed reaction to caning move
Proposal to cane rapists over 50 is controversial

Auxiliary constable jailed 40 years for incest (illustrated)
His brother, 39, pictured, gets 16 years plus six strokes of rotan

Maximum for rapist dad (illustrated)
49-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 20 years' jail and 15 strokes of rotan

Africans in 'black money scam' jailed
And both to be whipped once

Malaysia/Schools - February 2004
School Discipline: Sarawak School Shows The Better Way (illustrated)
Caning school, pictured, is role model

Malaysia/Judicial - March 2004
54 years and 24 strokes for rapist dad
49-year-old raped daughter 16 times

Ex-convict gets the maximum (illustrated)
20 years and 24 strokes of the cane for rapist, 26, pictured, already jailed and whipped previously

Rotan and jail for ex-cop guilty of sodomy (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, gets 23 years in jail and 10 strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Schools - March 2004
Spare the rod?
80 per cent of teachers agree that persistent troublemakers in school should be caned

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2004
Can the law curb rape cases?
Differing views on introducing public caning

Teenager gets 12 years and six strokes for rape (illustrated)
Boy, 19, pictured, had sex with 13-year-old girl

Indonesian jailed 10 years for illegal firearm (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2004
36 years' jail, 20 strokes rotan for sodomising two children
Heavy penalty for 21-year-old who attacked young boys

Cabby gets rotan, 20 years for rape (illustrated)
Eight strokes for 30-year-old, pictured, who attacked young woman in back seat of his taxi

100 foreigners jailed for illegal entry (illustrated)
Of whom 86 men, some pictured, also sentenced to a stroke of the cane each

Man gets 36 years and whipping for raping 15-year-old girl (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, has three-stroke caning increased to nine strokes on appeal

45 years' jail for attempted rape (illustrated)
Man, 47, pictured, also to receive nine strokes of the rotan

Whipping Demo In Schools To Instil Awareness Among Students -- Noh
Prison department embarks on caning roadshow

Indon gets 54 years for rape (illustrated)
Lorry driver, 33, pictured, also to receive 15 strokes of the rotan

Striking fear into hearts of most hardened criminals
'Flogging Officer Number 1' talks about his job

Caning demonstrations: Loud and clear message (illustrated)
Students are shown whipping of dummy, pictured

Students get a 'painful' lesson on crime (illustrated)
Another picture of caning demonstration in progress

Two padi farmers jailed for raping underage girl (illustrated)
24-year-olds, pictured, get six strokes of rotan each

KL stops whipping demos after complaints
Human rights body says caning demonstrations for schoolkids are counterproductive

Malaysia/Schools - May 2004
Caning in schools fully justified
Bring back the rod to classrooms, writes father, who will not complain if his children are caned

Headmistress faces demotion
She attacked male teaching colleague with her cane

Education Ministry has no objections to caning pledge, says Hishammuddin
School will make pupils sign pledge to accept caning if they offend

Malay daily highlights two educational issues
'Caning pledge' idea supported by parent-teacher association, could become a model

Wrong to cane girls
Caning may be a necessary evil but please restrict it to boys, asks reader

The swoosh factor
School students discuss caning

Malaysia/Judicial - June 2004
Nursery operator's husband gets 15 years and five strokes for rape of girl (illustrated)
34-year-old offender is pictured

342 illegal immigrants jailed (illustrated)
Several of them get caning; some are pictured arriving at court

Angry Malaysians want thieves caned
Public panic over street crime

Bomoh gets 13 years, rotan for miscalculated sexual adventure (illustrated)
Four strokes for 'medicine man', 38, pictured

Prison department leaves out exhibits on whipping
Rotans, dummy convicts and pictures of bleeding buttocks no longer allowed to be displayed

Indonesian jailed for illegal possession of firearms (illustrated)
Culprit, 40, pictured, also gets six strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Schools - June 2004
Girls are as bad as boys
They should be caned too, argues reader

Is caning the answer to indiscipline?
Yes, say former school principals

Caning should not be the answer
The rules are being ignored, says a reader

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2004
Farmer gets 20 years, whipping for rape (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, ordered to receive 8 strokes

Mindef clerk gets 28 months, seven strokes for cheating
Civil servant, 31, defrauded his department of funds

Malaysia/Schools - July 2004
Carrots and cane at mission schools
'Six of the best' in front of assembly recalled

Boy caned because of unfinished homework (illustrated)
Student, 15, shows welts on calf and back

Malaysia/Judicial - August 2004
Rape case: A whopping 75 years' jail for stepdad
40-year-old is also sentenced to a whopping 50 strokes of the rotan

Malaysia faces rising problem of illegal immigrants
18,000 of them have been caned in past two years

Whip illegals and send them home
Columnist wants to see them caned before deportation, otherwise they will just return

Van driver gets 10 years for rape (illustrated)
And three strokes of rotan for 32-year-old, pictured

Waiter Jailed 11 Months For Illegal Entry, Possession Of Fake IC (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, also ordered to be caned

Director gets jail, rotan for cheating
Businessman, 36, given six years' jail and 8 strokes of the cane

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2004
Two teens sent to rehab school for rape
One of them, aged 18, also gets a caning

60 years and rotan for rapist father
24 strokes of the cane for 49-year-old

Man gets eight years for possessing heroin
24-year-old also ordered to have 20 strokes of the rotan

Rape: Court dismisses man's appeal for revision of sentence (illustrated)
Confusing headline: text says rotan strokes reduced from nine to three for culprit, 47, pictured

Man from China gets RM50K fine for illegal fishing (illustrated)
Plus jail and cane stroke for 27-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - October 2004
Militant gets 10 years' jail for possessing arms
Would-be Islamic terrorist, 'threat to national security', will also be given 18 strokes of the rotan

'Wish we could publicly cane illegals' bosses'
Frustrated Minister wants courts to cane employers of illegal immigrants

Incest: 20 more years for driver
20 years and 12 strokes of rotan added to his existing sentence of 73 years and 46 strokes of rotan

Snatch thieves belong in prison (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, loses his appeal against sentence including six strokes of the cane

Unanimous call for harsher penalties to curb crimes
Protesters call for mandatory whipping for robbers


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