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Gary and GRCH 'PR' Hazel's Holly
                      GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Smithhurst's Okla Savage
                  GRNITECH CH 'PR' Smithhurst's Okla Savage II                     
                       NITECH 'PR' Smithhurst Black Rose
              'PR' Ash's Fox Creek Blk Boo
                       'PR' Ash's Fox Creek King
                  CH 'PR' Ash's Fox Creek Suzie
                       'PR' Foxcreek Ramblin Ivy
GRCH WCH 'PR' Hazel's Holly
GRNITECH 'PR' Ozark's Screaming Bo
                  NITECH 'PR' Myers' Mighty Hoss
                       'PR' Swampghost Ragin Jody
              'PR' Ed Abel's Camache Music
                       GRNITECH 'PR' Ozark's Screaming Shep
                  'PR' Ozark Screaming Sis
                       NITECH GRCH 'PR' Ozark's Screaming Lacy
     GRCH WCH Hazel's Holly is a hound with  brains that know how to track a coon in any type of weather with a big bawl mouth on track and a loud chop on tree.  They will hunt with other hounds or by themselves.  They are good layup dogs if coons are not down. 
         GRCH Hazel's Holly has money won in PKC hunts and bench shows.  She was the the PKC National Bench Champion for the black and tan breed in 2001.  She won Queen of Hunt on Thursday night at the John Mcdonald Black and Tan Hunt.  She has won different shows here in Texas.  Her pups start at a young age. 
We use and
Crystal Lights
Purina Foods
Evan and Holly at the John McDonald Hunt in Fairfield, TX.  Holly won Overall Grand Show and PKC Performance Show with Evan handling.
I will be posting some pictures of  Holly's pups when I get the pictures.