Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service

Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service

Based at Cecilia Makiwane and Frere Hospitals



Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in Mdantsane/East London



Welcome to the homepage and website of the Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service in East London/South Africa.

These web pages are currently created in the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in East London/South Africa. The site is intended for Paediatric Surgeons, Paediatricians, General Surgeons, and especially staff at our hospitals with an interest in the surgical care of children. Content will be undergoing continuous development and suggestions are welcome.

Please check back soon as we are still in the process of setting up these pages!



 Annual Report 1999

 Our Staff (Contact Telephone Numbers and Biographical Information)

 Contact Information and Address of the Paediatric Surgical Service

 Current Projects: Professor Rode's visit to our department

 Our Hospitals and Wards

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Annual Report 1999

The Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service based at the Frere and Cecilia Makiwane hospitals has been in operation since the first of February 1995.

This report highlights the activities of the fifth year of the service, a year in which we have endeavoured to continue to maintain a high standard of clinical care and practice.

For the full report - click here!


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Our Staff

(September 2000)



(Contact Telephone Numbers and Biographical Information)

For more information about our present members of staff including short curriculum vitae, a photo and private email-address just click on the respective names.

 Dr C Lazarus Cell Phone 082 7795220

 Dr N Comley Rooms (043) 7439853, Cell Phone 082 4459373

 Dr V Breckon Cell Phone 082 4153672

 Dr M Chitnis Cell Phone 083 4863514

 Dr P Koeppen Cell Phone 082 5301928

 Dr B Kotze Cell Phone 083 6521112


 For information about our past members of staff just click here!


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Contact Information

Email address of the Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service



Web address (URL)



Postal Address


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Current Projects --Prof. Rode's visit (17/11/2000)

On 17th November 2000 Professor Rode (Head of Paediatric Surgery at Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town) will visit our department. On this occasion we will present some of our patients and problems to him for discussion and review. All cases will also be presented afterwards on our homepage. The presentations will include a brief medical history and summary, x-ray films and clinical photos.

These pages are still under construction - for a preview just click here. They will be updated within the next couple of days.

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Our Hospitals and Wards



 Cecilia Makiwane Hospital (Casualty)


 more pages about Cecilia Makiwane Hospital still under construction




 Frere Hospital


  more pages about Frere Hospital still under construction


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Other topics


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