The story

There is the summarized story of the movie directed by Wolfgang Peterson. The movie version represent only the first part of the book wrote by Michael Ende, the author of " The Neverending Story". The movie is really good, (the fantastic movie I ever seen) but the book gives more detail that help understand the message of Michael Ende. Many thanks to Paulchen who help me with my english and have correct the mistakes I made in the following text.

The Book
That is the story of a young boy, Bastian, who is always reject by the other kids and who has no friends at all. Young, he lost his mother. The young boy has one passion, reading. A day, Bastian took refuge on an old book shop to escape to some nasty boys. The bookseller was an odd and grumpy man. In hands of this man Bastian saw a strange book with the name « The Neverending Story ». The bookseller, Koreander, didn’t recommend the book to the young boy, because it would be too dangerous for him. But or right because of it, Bastian got much more attracted to the book. Without permission, he borrowed the book… After that, he went to his school and started to read « The Neverending Story » hidden in the attic of his school. 

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