"Echoes in the Wind"

"Echoes in the Wind" is a weekly radio program aired on WMPG Radio in Portland, Maine.
This program features Native American music, stories, news and interviews.
It can be heard every Monday from 11:00am-12:30pm (EST) on WMPG.

Check out WMPG's web site. It is the best alternative radio around! No matter what your taste, you will find something
you'll like.

Folk, International, World, Rock, Blues, Public Affairs,
Alternative Programming, Jazz, Freeform - It's ALL at WMPG!

Join me some Monday! "Echoes in the Wind" features a variety of programming from week to week.

If you are a Native Artist and would like to send a Demo to be considered for airplay:
Mail To:
"Echoes in the Wind"
WMPG Radio
96 Falmouth St. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104-9300


Maybe you would like to be a guest on "Echoes in the Wind"!
We feature Live performances and phone interviews.
Email Me!  We'll Talk!

Visit my links to find out more about "Echoes in the Wind" and WMPG Radio - Greater Portland Community Radio!


Listen in Southern Maine at 90.9 or 104.1 FM

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