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The Cat Watching Me In The Photo
OnThe Right Is supposed to be my
friend (let's just call her "Stupid
Kitty"). She is truly one of the
stupidest creatures I have ever
met.Look at the expression on her
face as I eat my Dinner "Uncle
",and wondering how I can sit
at the table and eat chicken with my
foot.Right After this shot was taken
that stupid kitty walked into the
screen door and bumped her head.
I can't wait till the day I can say
"Stupid Kitty".
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Echo is 1 Year old now, and eats everything in sight. Her current favorites are tomatoes ,honeydew melons and
peanuts. She was hatched on July 14th, 2000 at a breeders home in Jacksonville, Oregon. She was nice enough to
allow us to invade her home every week for a visit from the time Echo was ten days old. We brought her home just
shy of her being two months. We hand fed her three times a day. She is very sociable with everyone she meets
and is already trying to talk. She likes to listen to music. Any type of music will do. African Grey Parrots are truly
amazing creatures. Their intelligence level is far more than most pets. This little bird gives a lot of love and
affection. I have had a lot of pets over the years, but Echo is by far one of the most rewarding and entertaining
pets I have ever had the chance to be a slave to. We picked an African Grey because we live in a condo and a
larger bird would probably make too much noise for our neighbors. Echo never gets too loud and always makes
very pleasing whistles and chirps. All birds require lot of care, understanding, and attention compared to most
housepets. Getting a Parrot is not something to rush into.
But I am Happy we have Echo, and so far I think African Grey's are the Best of all the Parrot's.
Hi I am Echo The
Wonder Bird.
Watch and listen to me
grow from just a few
days old to the grown up
bird I am now. To see
more photos of me just
click on Echo's photo
album link on the blue
navagation bar on the
left of this page. If you
have the time please sign
my guestbook or join my
web ring.
Have Fun !

I grew up in Tupperware.
Scoring some Beer for my human Slaves.
Sometimes when I am in a good mood I throw my leftover
chicken Bones out the door for the Stupid Kitty.
Echo and her new friend Shadow.
To hear Shadow talk go to "hear Shadow
talk" on the Navagation Bar.To see photos
of Echo and Shadow together go to
"Shadow's Photo Album".

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