If you're not familiar with fic recs and how they work then -- well, they're basically exactly what they sound like: someone scours the internet for good fanfiction and then posts the links along with a brief summary and generally frank commentary. Aside from absurd standards, it's not much different here.

Couples/ships will always be provided. Ratings are supplied for anything PG-13 and above, as well as for unrated stories deemed too inappropriate for the kiddies (I don't pointlessly dole out high ratings; if it's rated R and you're under fourteen, keep walking). Warnings are occasionally given for fics featuring disturbing themes, sex, and/or ridiculous amounts of gore. Fandoms and fics are listed alphabetically.

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When Curiousity Met Insanity by bri_chan and zippitydodah27
A goofy, loveable Mad Hatter tries every trick in the book and then some while pursuing a decisively stubborn Alice. Itís not exactly a fanfic so much as a web comic detailing her return to Wonderland, but absolutely nothing lacks quality and the sheer genius deserves a nod all the same.



Knight in Dented Armor by Hematite Badger
Zack starts a bar fight. That alone is a pretty good reason for reading it; the rest is just bonus.

What Hodgins Saw by Caroline
The end of ďTwo Bodies In The LabĒ according to Hodgins, in which he draws a few conclusions about Booth and Brennanís relationship and geeks out about Kevlar vests. Itís adorable, entirely in character, and short enough to be more than worth the read.



Mind Games by wild filly
A witty, generally brilliant Raito/L fic that not only portrays their respective personalities flawlessly (and oftentimes comically) but also establishes a disturbingly realistic relationship between them. PG-13, multi-chaptered, and my favorite DN fanfic by far.

Opposable Thumbs by Luc Court
Raito attempts to determine just what makes L a genius. A perfectly in-character and incredibly well written one-shot. Rated PG-13.

Train Wreck by Dragon Pearl1
L forces Raito to watch shoujo anime at some ungodly hour of the morning. The prose might not be in the same league as the other recced fics, but the conflictís chalk full of funny.



Brilliant by zhian_tara
Nathan receives his first less-than-A+ grade ever and, surprisingly enough, isnít happy; a brief glimpse into Nathanís college life and the thoughts of his Aerospace Engineering 401 professor. Sweet, rather entertaining, and very well written.

Last Call by Prosperpina
After the season two finale, Stark more or less drowns himself in alcohol and Carter, while fulfilling his duty as the friendly town sheriff, discovers that the scientist is a very amusing drunk. Perfectly characterized, funny, and short; Stark/Carter, rated R for a little easily ignore-able smut.

The Perils of Joint Tenancy by black_eyedgirl
A mistake or glitch or something leaves Stark and Carter sharing a body. What could happen? Brilliant, entertaining, and very well-written; Stark/Carter, rated PG-13 but borders on R for an easily skip-able scene.

Please Discuss Only Approved Topics With Your AI by jmtorres
SARAH gets the wrong impression and suddenly a whole bunch of kinky things begin to show up around the house. Itís not a romance; instead, itís funny and crude without being horribly explicit.

Six Reports Nathan Stark Wishes Never Crossed His Desk by mtgat
Exactly what the title says. Horribly entertaining, very well-written, and littered with geeky allusions; more than worth the read.



Shattered by Abellen
Considering that thereís only a smattering of fluff amongst twenty-one chapters of angst, drama, and tragedy, this fic probably shouldnít be quite so enjoyable. In fact, it should be one of those fics that makes you all sad and queasy. But the writing is beautiful, the plot engaging despite being rather far-fetched, and the authorís use of artistic license is truly admirable, so it shall be recced. Fillmore/Ingrid, PG-13.



Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift
Jayne gets zombified and no one's inclined to give the situation one ounce of seriousness. The dialogue is spot-on, the characters are perfect, and the premise is just funny. No pairing, but still worth the read.

Cerberus by babies-stole-my-dingo
When the ever-vengeful Niska kidnaps two of the crew, Jayne does everything in his power to keep a promise he hadnít wanted to make. Tragic, beautifully written, and consistently in-character; implied Jayne/River, rated PG-13 for torture and the like, and equipped with several alternate endings.

In The Box by Dyce
In which itís proven that men who capture the crew of Serenity without the intention of torture or murder can be infinitely worse than those who do. Itís funny, distinctly in-character, and Dyce is an incredible writer.

The Other Foot, Obliquely Run by Musesfool
Iím usually not one for ZoŽ stories, but this is a work of artóa beautiful, heartrending fic that explores the depth of her friendship with Mal. Takes place after and is full of spoilers for the Big Damn Movie.

Professionals by inlovewithnight
As is custom, Inara hires a bodyguard to accompany her to a ball. Itís written expertly, with wonderful dialogue, perfect characterizations, and a touch of Firefly-esque humor Ė actually, itís just a good story overall. Not a romance.



Trophy Date by The Magic Kumquat
Grim is dragged to Billy and Mandy's senior prom as the latter's "trophy date" in this entertaining and incredibly well put together fanfic. Implied Grim/Mandy.



By The Way They Dance by Aurinko
During Minervaís graduation ball, she and Professor Dumbledore share a dance. On its own, this short little fic is pretty but not exactly worth reccing; however, its sequel is another matter entirely. The Morning After details the repercussions of their outwardly innocent dance; from an ill-fated discussion between the Headmaster and Minerva to the reactions of her incredibly curious friends. Both fics are well-written and perfectly in-character.

Common Courtesy by MyInnerHermione
A sweet albeit slightly unrealistic fanfic in which Snape unwittingly begins a routine exchange of polite greetings between himself and the Head Girl. A pre-Snape/Hermione fanfic if nothing else.

Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing... Rat? by Maya
Draco Malfoy is suddenly transformed into a rat and, begrudgingly, into the Gryffindor mascot. Despite the crack fic premise, this multi-chaptered fic is the embodiment of brilliance and is, with its caffeine-obsessed Malfoy and his inevitable corruption of the Gryffindors, one of the best fanfics to find its way to the web. Ultimately Draco/Hermione and a handful of other minor couples, and rated PG-13 for both an occasionally unhealthy dose of innuendo and because itís all just too damn funny for the little kids.

Eulogizing Memoirs by Amelie Rae Lanhoss
As a twenty-six-year-old Hermione delivers the eulogy at Sirius Blackís funeral, she details memories and events that range from her time spent in the past to hot chocolate in the present. The prose is beautiful, the characterizations brilliant, and Amelie fleshes out the Wizarding World beyond comparison. A somewhat AU Sirius/Hermione fic with a touch of every genre; rated PG-13.

Everything Iíve Ever Done by duj
On her last day of school, Hermione apologizes to the Potions Master for everything; he isnít happy then and he isnít particularly happy when she keeps coming back. A rather long but lovely romance that follows the relationship between the two characters after school rather than during. Snape/Hermione. Rated PG-13.

Fulcrum by Caged Eternity
The night before the final battle, the Order gathers. Not a romance, and is instead short, dark, and terribly beautiful with an ending more powerful than that of any other fic Iíve read.

Harry Potter and the Plumbing of Doom by Darth Maligna
A witty and rather crass parody of the second movie. Filled with ingenious quips and geeky allusions, and ought to have been rated PG-13 for more innuendo than the brain can process.

Have You Ever by Lady Moonglow
Thereís clever banter, no time turner, and completely plausible Tom/Hermione. Yes, you kind of have to struggle through the first few chapters and you want to pull your hair out at the end, but the prose is top-notch for the ship and no one ever falls out of characteróand thereís an alternate ending. Beautiful, brilliant, and a must read for shippers and non-shippers (I certainly wasnít a fan before I read this) everywhere. Rated PG-13.

The Last Word by Kalina Lea
A terribly in-character Snape and an older, somewhat harassed Hermione star in this oftentimes hilarious spoof of Youíve Got Mail. The writing might not be the best in the fandom, but lines like ďdrives Molly crazy to find my thoughts in the laundryĒ and the aforementioned terribly in-character Snape overshadow everything. Snape/Hermione, multi-chaptered but brief.

On Hating Cats and Other Lies by Eudora Bragg
Beautiful, tragic, and undeniably unique; this fic implies one of the most bizarre ships and makes it work while simultaneously maintaining the student-faculty dynamics that characterize the world of HP. Sirius/Minerva that can be interpreted into any relationship you like, and rated R for crude language.

Registration by Samvimes
James cons his two best friends into holding a place in the Hogwarts student registration line for his not-yet-born son, leading to some interesting results. Short, funny, and infinitely better than I made it sound.

Sirius Black, Super Genius by Maya
In which Sirius concocts a ridiculous scheme to force James out of love with LilyÖ and fails miserably. Short, hilarious, and a perfect example of Mayaís genius.



All Gone Out by Athenae
Houseís observations of Cameron before the series and during season one. Perfectly true to both the show and the characters, and beautifully written.

By The Numbers by Namaste
After (or maybe during) ď97 Seconds,Ē the remaining fellowship candidates attempt to understand why someone like House would doÖ well, what he did. Flawlessly characterized despite the uncertain personalities provided by the show, and the writing is brilliant.

The Great Escape by Namaste
In which House swears he isnít grieving and Wilson resigns himself to digging. Iím tentative of handing over a more detailed summary because that might ruin the fun of it, but take my word on this: Namaste has yet to produce a bad House fic.

Rash Decisions by Mossley
While treating a patient with a tendency for Hulk-like anger issues, Cameron is hospitalizedÖ and Houseís reaction bothers him more than anyone else. Features both an interesting case and a well-written story; pre-House/Cameron if nothing else and rated PG-13.



Comics, Cookies, and Revenge by Lejindary Bunny
Syndrome finds himself a new lieutenant with the help of the World Wide Web. Thereís no absence of plot or grammar, intrigue or comedy, etc., and the new lieutenant (Vex) is likeable despite her one or two Mary Sueish qualities. Overall, itís another Syndrome/OC fanfic, but itís one of the best reads youíre liable to find in the fandom nonetheless.

Purity by Rack
Quite possibly one of the most twisted fics Iíve ever read, but beautifully written and true-to-character despite itsÖ twistedness (no better synonyms come to mind). Syndrome/Violet, rated PG-13.



Elves, Hobbits, & Mary-Sues, Oh My! by Paige Darke
Narrated by a cynical, very modern teenager who finds herself trapped in Middle Earth and held captive by Mary-Sues, this fic scratches on every genre and is undeniably brilliant in its use of story and comedy. The prose isnít quite top notch, but itís perfect for the fully-inhabited main character. Multi-chaptered and rather long (although you wonít notice until youíve finished and realize that itís three-something in the morning), eventual Legolas/OC, and rated PG-13 for profanity, crude humor, and assorted otherÖ things.



Fifty-Nine Moves by PaperButterfly7
A rose amongst the weeds and muck that seem to define Shikamaru/Temari fanfiction, this fic is a rather beautiful account of a relationship that developed over the course of fifty-nine movesÖ or visits, whichever.

Loophole by leafygirl
Sakuraís not-so-well-thought-through plan to retrieve Sasuke probably relies a little too much on Itachiís cooperation in this beautifully written, thoroughly plotted, and perfectly in-character fic. Dark, multi-chaptered, Itachi/Sakura (which I didnít ship when I started reading this), and by far my favorite of the Naruto fanfics Iíve read. Rated PG-13.

The Purest by Mikami
She resurrects Haku, and that alone makes me happy. Throw in the presence of plot, action scenes, geisha, angst, and the inevitable romance and it's bound to make a few other people happy as well. PG-13, Haku/Sakura. I'll wait until you're done reading before I tell you that it's never going to be finished.

Weaponry by Desolate Butterfly
While shirking his duties, Kakashi eavesdrops on his innocent little students and overhears some things he hadnít expected to overhear. Stuffed with innuendo and surprisingly well-written, itís short enough to be more than worth the read. Rated PG-13 for off-color humor.



Divine Intervention by Perpet_fic
Itís a little tooÖ something for my tastes but, if you ignore that completely unidentifiable something, itís certainly a good fic. An amusing, in-character one-shot. JD/Cox. And Ben is an absolutely wonderful ghost.

Five Things JD Doesn't Like About Dr. Cox by Kat_lair
In which JDís attempt to prove his independence proves something else instead. JD/Cox and an interesting take on JDís voice.

Four Things You Have to Get Used to When John Dorian is Your Boyfriend by Puritybrown
Not only is the prose beyond impressive and the story as realistic as Scrubs can possibly be, but this fic also possesses my absolute favorite Cox rant to date. A short, sweet, and slightly meandering JD/Cox fic; rated R for language and sexual implications.

His Bed by Takoon
Less crude than the title implies, brilliant, and brief enough that Iíve read it more times than Iím willing to admit, this fic features a baffled Cox and a preoccupied bed. JD/Cox, PG.

My Problem by Riona
JD is bombarded by an onslaught of vivid daydreams involving him and, well, Dr. Cox. Rated PG-13 and narrated by the most in-character JD Iíve seen yet.



I Drive the Car by Dyce
Set sometime during the early seasons. Chloe needs a Useful Guy to help in an investigation and Lex, trying to play up on his benevolent billionaire mannerisms, stumbles into the role. Narrated in a voice that is unmistakably Chloe and filled to the brim with wit and brilliance.

Reasons Unknown by Perri
Season 1. Chloe and Lex are kidnapped and locked away, which is, yíknow, sort of a problem. The writing suits both characters, and the brilliance of the banter and snark just demands appreciation. Friendship or pre-romance if nothing else.

What You Don't Know by Skauble
The link above is for the smutty, R-rated version; if you, like me, have the maturity of a five-year-old, read the PG-13 version. Lexís new (and more immoral than usual) scheme to uncover Clarkís secret involves a memoryless Chloe and a fake marriage. Youíll have to allow room for artistic license, but itís one of the very few dark Lex/Chloe fics that donít kill you with drama and the only amnesia fic Iíve ever liked. Not for Lana fans.

Would You Like Some Java With Your Snark? by Plum_Evil
Seeing as I lean more toward the sheepish fics than the apocalyptic ones, this fic pretty much summarizes what I think a good Chloe/Lex story should be: ingenious snark, baffled narratives, coffee, and fluff. PG-13.

You'd Better Not Go Down to the Woods Today by Dyce
Full of the same absurdity, cheeky humor, and envy-inspiring prose, the sequel to "I Drive the Car" is just as brilliant as its predecessor, if not more so.



The Death of Arthur by KindKit
Post X3. A dark, insightful, ultimately beautiful fic that offers brief glimpses into Erikís life after heís stripped of his mutation. I particularly love the way metal is discussed. Charles/Erik implied.

Feed Me to the Tabloid Monster by Trollprincress
"When I came to again, I was still pregnant. I was also in the med-lab lying on a table, a decided improvement. And just so you understand I hadn't achieved a new level of zen calm over this whole thing, my best friend was fondling my belly." A perfect mockery of all that is mpreg and the only Bobby/Rogue fic I've willingly read. Blatantly PG-13.

Golden by Andraste
A phone call shortly before the first movie that proves painfully insightful. Erik/Charles.