Who We Are:
The Sexuality Education Committee is a student-run organization sponsored by the ECM that serves the Lawrence community and KU campus. SEC sponsors forums, workshops, and classes promoting sexuality education.
What We Do:
SEC offers four main programs throughout the year:
Sex in the Dorms
Intimacy for Committed Couples Workshop
Homophobia Workshop
Dennis Dailey's Human Sexuality in Everyday Life Class
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Sex in the Dorms
Ever wonder what you should do about the white sock on the doorknob? How common is rape here at KU? Do you feel comfortable about yourself and your body?

This is program offered by SEC is in its second year and is designed to help answer questions and address problems that face freshmen and sophomores in student housing.

Panel topics include:
Roommate Sexual Etiquette,
Date Rape-KU's best kept secret, Body Image, and STD's.

Cost: free, all sessions held at 8pm

Dates and location TBA (sometime in September)
Intimacy for Committed Couples with Dr. Dennis Dailey
Committed relationships require nurturing. This workshop focuses on central issues in the maturation of committed relationships. Topics will include emotional intimacy, sexual bonding, negotiation of differences, and tolerance of sameness.

Fall Two Part Workshop                          Spring Two Part Workshop
Friday    Oct TBA                                      Friday    Feb TBA
Saturday Oct TBA                                     Saturday Feb TBA

Cost per couple is $35 students and $45 non-students (Limit 20 couples)
Homophobia Workshop: appreciating diversity and understanding our fears
Dr. Robert Minor, professor of Religious Studies and author of Scared Straight, explores the issues of homophobia and how they impair not only faith communities but also the quality of each person's life, regardless of sexual orientation.

Two Part Workshop
Monday Oct TBA   6:30-10:00 pm
Monday Oct TBA 6:30-10:00 pm

Cost: $5 students and $8 non-students
Dennis Dailey's Human Sexuality in Everyday Life
              Course Outline

Week 1
Human Sexuality defined
Week 2
Human Sexuality defined (continued)
Week 3
Human Sexuality defined (continued)
Week 4
Physiology and Anatomy
Week 5
Human Sexual Response Cycle
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Dydadic Relationships
Week 10
Couldn't enroll in Dr. Dennis Dailey's last Human Sexuality course?

Come see what all of the fuss is about. SEC invites you to register for the non-credit version of this enlightening course offered in Spring 2002.

Beginning in January for 10 sessions
Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm
at the ECM (exact date TBA)

Cost: $30 students and $40 non-students
($5 fee for late registration after Jan 17th)
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