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Résumé of CEO 
Name: Lars Bertil Bætz Reutergårdh
Title: Professor
Career  Objective: Progressive programme  and project leadership in environment and/or education
Years of experience: 30
Nationality: Swedish
Degree: PhD. Analytical Chemistry, Diploma Environmental Engineering
Publications: More than 110 publications, scientific reports and seminar contributions
More: 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century, International Bibliographic Centre, Cambridge, UK. The Asia 500; Leaders for The New Century, Barons Who’s Who (USA) 1st edition 2000. Who'sWho in the World, Marquis Publications, 16th edition 1999, 17th edition 2000.
Qualifications Progressive Programme Management and Implementation as Principal Investigator, Environmental Assessment and Audits, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Validation, Educational Proficiency in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, personal integrity, cultural sensitive, interpersonal skills, substantive administrative and supervisory experience, computer literate.

Position and Accomplishments

1997-2001 Guest Professor of  River Basin Environment Research Centre of Gifu University, Department of Civil Engineering, Japan.


Research on Emissions and Immissions of Anthropogenic and Xenobiotic Contaminants, their transport and distribution in the environment.
1991-1996Associate Professor, Co-ordinator, Programme Manager, and Team Leader at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT,University), Pathumtahni, Thailand.
Ø  Managed the AIT/Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency’s (Sida) Environment Programme (1 MUSD per annum).
Ø   Managed the environmental component of Asia Regional Research Project on Energy, Environment and Climate.
Ø  Conducted Environmental Audits and Assessments of industries in the region
Ø  Started Air and Water Environmental Monitoring Programmes in the region.
Ø  Vitalized the Environmental Engineering Programme. The number of student rose from 30 to 117. Increased the Swedish scholarships from five to 15, and research funds from nil to 1 MUSD per annum.
Ø  Promoted Quality Assurance and Control in higher education.
Ø  Developed a new joint degree post-graduate programme in Environmental Toxicology, Technology & Management together with the Chualabhorn Research Institute and Mahidol University.
Ø  Initiated and completed new research projects on Anthropogenic Toxic Contaminants, and capacity building projects in Environmental Awareness.
Ø  Launched, revised and instructed   Advanced Methods in Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry and Laboratory, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Economics and Legislation, Experimental Design, Marine and Estuarine Environments, Water Quality Management
Ø  Modernized the Environmental Engineering Laboratories with GC-IRD-MS, LC-Fluorescence-UV, SFE, GC-ECD, air-, water-sampling equipment, and basic laboratory apparatus. Instigated Good Laboratory Practise to meet accreditation standards.


Reconstructed and upgraded 1200 m2 laboratory areas to meet present quality assurance and safety standards
9410-9410 International Water Quality Expert, Dobbin Milus International, and the Asian Development Bank. Coastal Environment Management Planning Project for Indonesia.


Contributed to an environmental-economic planning model that optimised the sustainable value of the coastal resources for the Indonesian coastal zone, based on water sheds. The estimated cost of coastal degradation’s net present value was 50 GUSD, discounted at 7% over 25 years.
9005-9010 Team Leader, World Bank


 Co-ordinated a feasibility study of the Environmental Study Centres at Indonesian Universities, as a part of a bank mega-programme (170 MUSD) preparation. Proposed a detailed plan for the disbursement of 15 MUSD for a three-year period.
8807-8908 Chief Technical Advisor, Unesco (United Nations’ Education Science and Cultural Organisation).


Implemented the Marine Pollution Monitoring and Training Programme, Indonesia (1MUSD/a).
7904-7906   Consultant, Manila Philippines, FAO (United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization) 7th FAO/SIDA Workshop on Aquatic Pollution in Relation to Protection of Living Resources.


Educated participants from Asia on sampling and analysis of aquatic pollutants.
7509-9206 Chief of Immissions, Swedish Environment Protection Agency and Institute for Applied Environmental Research of Stockholm University.


 Represented the Government of Sweden as an environmental expert at the international level. Led a group that determined the presence, concentration, distribution, and impact of persistent organic micro-pollutants in environmental monitoring programmes. Traced unknown contaminants, developed quality assured analytical methods and protocols, and refined existing ones. Led the Swedish European Commission’s quality assurance and validation efforts in the area, established the Special Analytical Laboratory as a reference laboratory world-wide.
7311-7508  Executive Officer of Produktkontroll Leander & Fri AB.


Synthesized reference chemicals, including radioactive labeled. Analyzed environmental samples as a part of Environmental Assessments.


87-96 Continuing education courses in leadership, management, and education.
8209-8806 Ph D, with distinction in Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chemical Section, Stockholm University; Environmental Engineering at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
7109-7312 M Sc (Organic Chemistry, Biology), Stockholm University, Sweden.
6709-7106 B Sc (Chemistry, Economics and Statistics), Stockholm University, Sweden.
Military service

Expert Evaluations and Honorary

9805 Fellow of the International Union for Pure and applied Chemistry.
9708 Competent for the Chair as Professor of Environmental Assessment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.
9603 Honorary Professor of Environmental Science, Viet Nam National University, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
8501-9712 Member of International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry.
9505 Competent for the Chair as Professor of Analytical Environmental Chemistry at the Institute of Applied Environmental Research, Laboratory for Analytical Environmental Chemistry of Stockholm University, Sweden.
9310 Competent and short-listed for the Chair as Professor of Environmental Chemistry at Wallenberg Laboratory of Stockholm University, Sweden.

Professional Societies

American Chemical Society
Association of Official Analytical Chemists
European Union Community Bureau of References 1982-91
Japan-Sweden Science Club 1997-
International Association for Impact Assessment
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) 1980-91
International Society for Environmental Biotechnology, Executive Board Member 1994-
International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)1986-
Oslo and Paris Commission, Joint Monitoring Group and other missions, 1984, 1986, 1988
Swedish Association of Graduated Engineers 1975-
The Committee for the Gulf of Bothnia, 1984-91
The Royal Society of Chemistry
The West Sea, Research Project Committee Member 1989-91

Other Skills & Languages

Familiar with common DOS, Windows and Macintosh-based software;  Corel & MS Offices, HTML, Programme Managers, Chemical Software etc. Communicate excellently in Swedish and English, German - good, French – fair, reasonably in Danish and Norwegian, and some ability to communicate in Indonesian, Japanese and Thai.