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                               CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY

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Welcome to our website!!!

Economics is everywhere. Whether you are an accounting, finance and law, marketing, information systems, or management major, you will use economics in your field.

The Economics and Business Society will help you gain a strong understanding of the various applications of economics to your field of study. Through our workshops, guest speakers from the professional business world, and extensive networking at our social events, the Economics and Business Society will provide you with the tools required to apply economics to your field.



Our mission statement

The purpose of the Economics and Business Society is to prepare students for a career in business that emphasizes understanding of economics. The organization will concentrate on developing those skills needed by students for a career in economics; however the organization will not be limited to economic theory, principles, tools, or mathematics.

The organization will create an association of economic and business students that will promote academic support, social interaction, and the building of bridges to the business world. Also, the organization will provide an arena in which interpersonal leadership, speaking, and networking skills will be developed and improved so that students will be better prepared for the business world.

Furthermore, the Economics and Business Society will promote the general welfare of all the students in the School of Business and Economics.



Frequently ask

Have you ever wondered how economics applies to your field?

What opportunities can EBS members  look forward to?

How much time will I have to spend?

Will I get help with my homework, if needed?

Can I get involved in debates through the EBS?

Can I get help looking for summer jobs or internships through the EBS?

What other resources will the EBS provide me with?


Membership Application


The present organization's officers:

 President :

 Dikran Gligorio , Deacon713@hotmail.com

Vice President :  Raul Velaasquez, tightral@yahoo.com
 Treasurer :  Eric Espinoza, stichesuniforms@charter.net
 Secretary :  Siriporn Poondee, axq@hotmail.com
 Publicist :  Raul Alfaro, realfaro@sbcglobal.net

Contact information

Department of Economics

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, California 90032-8124

Email:    econla@calstatela.edu


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