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hi all haven't updated in a while here but i have in livejournal well the thing is i have no life so nothing intereasting has happened so i won't bore you. ummm Oh i wnet iceskating and i was the only one who did not fall over, go me, i have had assessments for a while i should reall get them done huh? Oh i sacred some people coz i was really pisssed off and the world and every one thought i was ando quote "hell had come herself knocking at their door" i found it quite funny well that is all thankyou for you time byes *waves*

I feel like i did mushrooms and was eaten by a bear, so i had the whole week off form school. Thatís simple enough in an uncomplicated apocalyptic sort of way. ummm... nothing reall happened oh i just found out that yoda now has a lj go yoda! but that's really about the highlight of my week... byes


fearless no emotion
static open eye
a man with no feelings
a world full of lies
your face in the mirror
reflections of a mind
the blood on your fingers
actions of the mind
action reaction
faces to the ground
bloodstained corpses
never to be found
his hand on the trigger
bodies all around
only try to figure
the actions of the mind

~ "Actions Of The Mind" from Stored Images

created by xianvox and oizys

ok i selpt in untill 11am yesterday and i feel ughk, so i'm home again sleeping and on the computer, i'm tired kill me, Oi i was so pissed off last night, they had a cliff hanger season final so now i have to wait untill next year to find out if Woody shots Jordan's dad, and where are James and Jordan who knows it's mean...(for those who have no idea what tv shom i'm talking about it Crossing Jordan, she works in a morgue cutting dead people open ...Great show!) and another thing Max died and came back now Micheal is the new king and they have a showdown next week it ought to be good. (Roswell) and only 3 eps to go with Alias, oh and well os i have no life as yet, tv is my friend so don't judge me ok byes now

well party was fun, everyone except me were having incoherent conversations with the toilet bowls, quite funny. The people still here are downstaris cleaning hehehe. ummm, ok i'm very tried sleep is good! oh i scared a couple of people, i asked them where their costume was then they got a look at me and jumped, i laughed, then they asked me where mine was, i took it as a compliment. I had a red wig with a silver spider web drapped over it, my nails were painted black and red, i had black lipstick on, a red and black top, a black skirt with knee high boots and stripy knee length socks on. Anyway i wnet up stairs and watched nightmare on elem street 1,2,3 on tv1 cause i got bored with drunk people. Ok so that's all byes

i'm taking a break form dealing. Happily vacationing in the land of not coping. This inculdes life, school, everything. Ok i may ba overacting but hey that's me. Umm ok today is All Hallows Eve yey, the one ight of the year where the dead can walk on out plane of existance cool huh?. Well that's all i got bye p.s don;t forget to tag

Okies people, hi i am updating but the only thing i have to say is i got me a live journal Cursed16. ummm oh All Hallows Eve party at mine costume requied, it is gonna be so fun. Don't forget to tag, well i have to go and get ready for school. i'll update again soon bye

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Today is a day that is just like any other, but then wat is a day but merely the presence of the sun? i do believe that time is nothing but an illusion created by society so people will have a sence of obligation so as to feel that they have a purpose in life...too bad it doesnt work on everyone. Hiya i'm at school yey *note the sarcasm* we had to do an exercies in religion we had to make up the ideal marriage partener while we were making our qualities the teacher told us the perfect marriage partener was our best friend *blinks* we were all creeped out coz most of our best friends are of the same gender *shudders* anyway i was sitting next to Tammy and we both wrote down for our first quality 'brooding' and then Tammy, Me and Caroline all wrote down 'must do all household chores' we had a fun laugh. Anyway to sum up Brooding, tall, dark, handsome, mature yet inmature, rides a motorcycle, great body, then we moved into personality. But thats enough. Also with the funnies this reall bitchy girl was actually nice to me today so i told her 'i'm just gonna check outside and see if the world has ended' you see i don't like this girl and she wanted something. I think that's all bye

Heh heh heh go me, note to me daylight savings is evil, badness, the devil, anything else that is bad, anyway Bored Now seriously i'm in business services and we have a sub teacher we are doing nothing, everyone is one the net so i decied to post so hi everyone. I'm taking a break from dealing, happily vacationing in the land of not coping :P Note to Yoda your the only one who tags so i'm talking to you i am now the owner of aim Souled Darkenss at your service :). ok it's lame but i ran out of names coz everything was taken lol! now that is all i have byes

I haven't been online for a few days computers been in the shop. So whats knew...Nothing. oh i found a really funny sign, it was on a public school notice board, in big letters it read 'D Day is comming' it was quite funny... well to me anyway. oh another thing i was watching the comedy channel it had something with a comedian and he was talking about golf, how he would have loved to been in the scottish pub when the guy came in about discovering golf. he said "Hey guys i have invented a new game called Golf you hit a ball with a stick...it is not like baseball because you hit the ball with a fucked up stick into a really tiny hole miles away and in between you and the hole there is grass, not nice clean grass shitty rough and different types of grass, so you hit the ball miles and miles away into this tiny hole that you can't see but we help you by putting a thin flag in it and to fuck you up evan further we add sandpits and lakes between you and the hole, and heres the kicker, you do it 18 times not just once" well ok so i found it funny a very unique way to explain to someone what golf is. Next thing went to the Scottland vs France match at Telstra stadium on Saturday, met some famous people got an jersey and my Mum got it signed but not to me to her rude much huh. ok thats all

20/10 Bored Now, i'm in Business and we are suposed to be doing an asignment but hey, ok so on Friday night i went to 2 parties one at Carla's and one ay mine, ummm on the weekend i hired some movies, and brought Queen of the Damned and Interview with a Vampire on DVD for Chris coz his bday, basically i veged with coffee and Tv well that's all i have to say... Cya

I'm Kirsty a Leo, an Australian and 17

16/10 heya I got my braces off today Yey, finally! And here's a poem i found: Pray for death upon your knees, Souls can travel on the breeze, Kiss the sickle with your blood, Fate would save you if she could. Crimson tears spill from your eyes, The life you used to know turned to lies, Destiny has changed her tune, Leaving you among the ruin. Corpses buried in the ashes, Tears collected on their lashes, Angry voices whisper into the cold, Sharing their fates, stories untold. You can still hear the screams as if they were new, The agony planted there long since grew, Death cannot save you now since you canít hide, Unless itís the death that lives in your eyes. The only one worthy of death is you, The pain in your heart threw your whole life askew, And you couldnít stop it no matter how hard you tried, So you fell into your last resort of suicide Well that's all the exciting news i have so Cya