Ecto Models
These are pictures of peoples models using the Polor Lights Ecto-1 model or the AMT Ecto-1a model. If you have a Ecto-1, Ecto-1a model or both please email pictures here
This model comes in from Dean over at RPF. Who tells me this model will be feature in the upcoming issue of American Figure Model. In which he contrubutes to. Thats real marshmellows by the way just incase you were wondering.
This next model comes in from Ethan over at RPF. He used chrome foiil for the parts that need the chrome; and he did an awsome job on the roof rack.
This next model comes in from Bill. Its one of the best I've seen; he used chrome foil like the other models. You can learn more info and see more pictures of this model by clicking here
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