Pencil Drawing: The Sands of Time 
		by Alice Leese, Copyright 2002 Ector County History Book

Sands of Time
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Purpose:  To preserve the heritage of all families who live or lived in Ector County.

The Ector County History Book Committee is gathering information, pictures and stories in order to publish a book of the county's history.  We want to preserve the heritage of everyone who has lived in Ector County.  Whether you lived in Ector County for one month, or 100 years, we invite you to submit your story.  Families, businesses, churches, social and civic organizations, schools — we invite everyone to write your story and save your heritage.

The book will contain many photos, illustrations and maps.  Maybe you don't have a story but you have some photographs of a special time or event in Ector county.  These will be in a special section of the book.  This 500-page book has space for all aspects of the history of Ector County and the people who lived and worked here.  All photos will be returned after the book is published.

There are many great stories to be told.  Don't miss this opportunity to get your family history into print forever.  If you operate a business or belong to a club in Ector County, we want to have your story in this history book.  What better way to preserve and relive your heritage than through the pages of Ector County History Book:  Sands of Time?  All you need to do is sit down and start writing your story.

The book will be fully cross-referenced and will include:

  • History of the towns and communities in the county
  • History of the early settlers
  • History of transportation, communications, agriculture, and industry
  • History of schools, churches, clubs and organizations
  • Photo section on reminders of "Yesterday"
  • Memorial/Tribute section to honor our heroes
  • Business histories
  • Family histories
  • Surname index
  • And much more!

Your contributions to all sections are welcomed.  Take the time to visit with your family members and write your story to be printed in the Ector County history book.

We expect to have this book completed by December 2004.  Watch this website for updates and progress.

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Ector County History Book Committee
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