Company News                                                                                                 February 5, 2004

The plant has recently tooled up for the increased orders they are receiving here in Langley BC. SUV and Truck markets are demanding strength and quality above that available from current suppliers. Improving our manufacturing methods is an ongoing project, especially considering the heavy guage steel used in the construction of the ECU Brush Bar and Grille Guards. Few companies have the capability of cold bending the pipe guages used here to build our heavy-duty brush grille guards without deformation. The product is very competitively priced compared with similar products of lower quality. Strength and quality are the major advantages of the ECU product as anyone can plainly see with the 50% thicker steel pipe.

If you need a tough product, this is it. Far stronger than anything else on the market, the product weighing in at about 90 lbs. is built like a tank. There really is no competition on the horizon at this point. Further developments in product will be posted below:

January 16, 2004 - ECU adds step bar to product line. You can have it in black powder coat or stainless steel. The product at the moment is for, but not limited to, the following vehicles: GMC: Yukon, Denali, Sierra SUV. Of course the company can always make one for you to order for no extra charge.

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Edwin and Jari are the driving forces in the company, and neither is willing to sacrifice quality in the process of increasing production through greater efficiency. To handle the expected volume of sales, the company has brought in Julius Panganiban, who has many years of experience in the automobile sales field...The company is relocating and we will announce the new location shortly. Bookmark this page and keep up to date with developments.

Order the best Brush Bar and Grille Guard on the market today. Dealers, lock in your territory now before it's too late.

Prices available on request. For more information or to order please contact Customer Service.


You are invited to come down to our plant and see the difference for yourself, today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Get your territories now, they are going fast.

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