Ecuador & Galapagos for travellers; gives you a global knowledge of Ecuador: Explore Ecuador's Amazon, Andes, Coast and Galapagos regions, and book tours, spanish schools and hotels.

Ecuador & Galapagos
for travellers

"Ecuador & Galapagos for travellers" gives you a global knowledge of Ecuador: Explore Ecuador's Amazon, Andes, Coast and Galapagos regions, and book tours, spanish schools and hotels.

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2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™
2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™

South American outsiders Ecuador qualified for their first World Cup

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Elecciones 2002: El Coronel Lucio Gutierrez es el nuevo Presidente de la Republica del Ecuador mas ...

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A land of contrasts you will never forget, Ecuador is divided by nature, yet solidly held together by a common cultural heritage. It is a four-in-one deal offering an awesome wealth of cultural and natural diversity; trek through the Andes, swim along a tropical coast, and explore the mysteries of the jungle and the Galapagos Islands, all in one trip!

So, why don´t you discover it by yourself; we invite you to visit our country ... not just for tourism, you can learn Spanish too and why don´t you do both things at the same time? Remember: Ecuador is one of cheapest and safest countries in South America. If you are worried about not knowing anything about Ecuador - here you are going to find a lot of links that will help you!

Tour Operators: Now, if you want to go to Ecuador - climb a 6000 meter high mountain, hike around at 4000 meter altitude, do river-rafting from the highlands down to the lowlands, be in the jungle, visit the Galapagos Islands and dive with the sharks - you will certainly like to have more information about where to go, and with which tour-operator. Here you have a list and a brief description of the principal travel agencies and tour operators in Ecuador:

Dive Sub-Aqua: Dive in Galapagos for the adventure of your lifetime: sharks, sea lions, turtles, rays, morays, dolphins and more land base or live aboard, best divemaster scuba gear for hire, photo and video equipment, instructions from introductory diving to divemaster, safaty and fun. E-Mail us now: Galapagos Sub-Aqua

Flash Travel

Galapagos - tours & cruises

Galasam in Quito Ecuador: Tours in the Galapagos Islands.

Galasam - Europe: your friends in Ecuador, Amazon & the Galapagos islands

Galasam Galapagos Island Boats & Crusies

Kapok Expeditions: We invite you to discover the wonders of Ecuador through Kapok Expeditions. We are a young company that believes the real Ecoturism is one of the best alternatives for the development of the country. Educating, involving local people in this activity and being very responsible with the environment means conservartion and it is a good for our selves and the whole world.

Manati Tours


PlanetEcuador.Net: a brand new website with a brand new concept. Find all the info you need about Ecuador, start planning your trip and even reserve your unforgettable cruise or dive with the dolphins, your exciting trek along the volcanoes or your stay in a cosy hotel. You don’t need to look all around the net anymore, we gathered it all for you !! E-Mail us now: PlanetEcuador

Surtrek : Tour operator, Member of international wilderness guide association.
We offer you: Fully equipped expeditions bus, tailor-made trips, 4WD off road vehicles, multilingual information, certified and experienced guides, individual services trips and quality at the right price ..........E-Mail us now: Surtrek

Yaguarundi Travel

Language Schools: More and more people come to Ecuador in order to learn Spanish. It´s more fun to travel when you know the language of the country! And this is why people decide for language schools in Ecuador: first of all, it´s cheaper than studying in Spain. Ecuadorian Spanish is the less dialect-influenced Spanish in South America. And language Schools in Ecuador offer professional experience. Here you have a list and a brief description of the principal language schools in Ecuador:

Academia Latinoamericana
Proud to be the friendliest Spanish School you have ever known. Schools in Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia. Family owned and operated. Nine levels, for complete beginners to advanced. Experienced native teachers, carefully selected host families within walking distance of school. Volunteer program and college credits available.

Academia Surpacifico
Learn Spanish with us in a relaxing, pleasant, and professional atmosphere. Situated in the city of Manta (30 minutes by plane from Quito) on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ecuador, the combination of tropical beaches, climate, and friendly people at our school will make your stay unforgettable. Our program is approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and has Bildungsurlaub recognitions for German speaking students.

Islas Galapagos Spanish School

Superior Spanish School

Minga Oral

Mitad del Mundo Spanish School : Learn with professionals.
The essence of our courses is effective and varied teaching based on the practical application of Spanish in conversation.

Spanish Schools in Quito, Ecuador

Hotels, Lodges & Accommodations: People from all over the world come to Ecuador for business, for learning Spanish or just for travellng. The need that mot of the visitors have in common is finding the right hotel where to stay - certainly for the right price and the services one needs. Here you have a list and a brief description of the main hotels in Ecuador - you can chose the right one for yourself and send your personal reservation directly via e-mail:

Hotel La Cartuja

Hotel Sierra Madre

Hotel Sierra Nevada

Isla Amazonica

Cuyabeno Lodge: Offers you the virgin rain forest of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here you get a real taste of the jungle but with the conforts of home. Enjoy nature hikes, bird-watching, canoeing, camping, fishing and more with expert and bilingual guides that assure an unforgettable and special adventure. We also arrange your trip to Galapagos, visits to the Indian Markets, mountain, climbing and trekking.

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