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I miss you guys so much. Days numbered 6, 13, 20, and 23 suck, as does the entire month of October...I'm running out of good days.

Sorry to all who visit and hope for an updated site, but thank you for continuing to visit on occasion. I wish I had more time (or news!) with which to update the page. Please note, I have NO AFFILIATION with Ed. I do not know him and have never been in touch with him!

I recently received word from Amelie Prot at the San Francisco Film Society about an upcoming appearance that Ed is making. From Amelie:

Iím writing from the San Francisco Film Society, presenter of the San Francisco International Film Festival (April 20-May 4), to let you know that Ed Harris is coming to our Festival. The Film Society is honoring Mr. Harris with the Peter J Owens Award in recognition of his brilliant and visionary career. On Friday April 28, the Festival will show his 1984 film A Flash of Green, directed by Victor Nunez, at the Castro Theatre at 7:30pm. The film will be followed by an extensive Q+A with Mr. Harris. We thought you might be interested in this event and could post the information on your site. Tickets for the general public are $25 and will be available on April 4---Tickets for San Francisco Film Society members are $20 and will go on sale on March 28. For more ticket information please visit http://www.sffs.org/.

Film Description:
A Flash of Green is based on a John D. MacDonald novel of the same name. Mr. Harris is in classic form, playing a reporter for a Florida resort-town newspaper, hired by a real-estate developer to publicly smear a group of conservationists who stand in the way of a big land deal. The conflict is that one of the groups is a woman the reporter was in love with.

So save the date and let them know if youíve got questions!

Congratulations to Ed on his nominations for the HBO movie, EMPIRE FALLS. I believe he was nominated for Best Actor in a "Miniseries" for both the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild awards. The Golden Globes are on tonight, January 16. EMPIRE FALLS has been nominated in a number of categories. I caught the series on HBO On Demand and thought it was excellent. Great to see Ed in a meaty role! Paul Newman, Aidan Quinn, Joanne Woodward, and Helen Hunt also star.

Click here for Ed's filmography, including major critiques of Ed's movies (at least those I've seen) and general plotlines. Or head on over to Ed's photo gallery. You can also try my Ed Harris links page (which I swear I'm going to update someday) if you would like to check out some other random sites with scoop on Ed.

For what MIGHT be Ed's fan mail address, click here. Of course if it doesn't work, don't blame me!

News on Scott...

I have to admit, I don't really HAVE any news on Scott. Of late he has been in a couple tv movies, including John's Grisham's A PAINTED HOUSE and HOMELAND SECURITY.

To check out Scott's past work, head on over to THE CRITICAL SCOTT GLENN FILMOGRAPHY. Or check out my links for Scott (last updated in 2001 - when I used to have time!) The address I've listed for writing to Scott does work according to a couple of Scott's fans who have written to him and gotten responses! If you're interested in checking out another Scott fan site, head on over to Emily's site.

Here are a couple pictures of one of my baseball heroes, KEVIN SEITZER, who retired after the 1997 season. Learn more about this dude on MY KEVIN SEITZER PAGE. Be forewarned - it's got a TON of pictures, most of which will download very slowly.
Kevin on the left Kevin sending one outta here

DISCLAIMER: I don't actually know Ed or Scott or Kevin
(although I wish I did) so don't ask me anything personal about them.
If any information on here is wrong, do let me know.
However I will not be held responsible for inaccuracies.
AND take everything on here with an appropriate grain of salt!

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