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Brief History & Philosophy of The Valheru

Founder: Telos
Current Platinum Saviours:
Mech, Griffe, Piiromaster
Former Platinum Saviours:
Telos, Bastion, Telina, Rick,
Malgor, Setek, Sarlax, Annias,
Talisman, Talsban, Quzzai,
Nylan, Touchstone, Sinitron & Maigraith
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Charged by an Ancient Gold Dragon to protect all dragons against those who would do them harm, the Valheru accept members of any class and race into their ranks.

However only those who follow the path of good are allowed to join, lest they be tempted by the Cult of the Dragon to defect and betray our vow to the Dragon.

Membership in the clan is offered to those deemed worthy, and if accepted is permanent...
In order to maintain the secrecy of the clan and their promise to the Dragon, to leave the Valheru is to die!
What have we done so far?
7/31/02 So far I have added an events calender, a new sleaker feedback button, updated some pages, new poll, and please vote for us for a diamond website award. Thanks, and Have Fun. Please visit the Guestbook, and the Elusive Shopping Guild! Thanks Mech

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