Descendants of Martin Hauser (Ha˙▀er)

Many lines descend from Martin Ha˙▀er (1696-1761) and Maria Margaretha Schaefer (1702-1775), who came to America in 1727 from Alsace, Germany (now France).  Their descendents bear the surnames Hauser, Hooser, Hoosier, and Houser.  Note that "Hauser" is pronounded "Hoozer" in the Alsatian-German dialect.

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To join the Hauser-Hooser-Houser-Hoosier Family Association, and receive a year's subscription to The Ha˙▀er Hearth newsletter, send $10 payable to "HHHHFA", 46 Wellington Drive, Carmel, New York 10512.  Include your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, and e-mail address.  (A free example of the newsletter is available.)  For more information, contact me.


The Hausers/Hoosers - An American Saga and Descendants of Jacob Hauser by Randy Hill Hooser of Alabama

Descendants of Martin Hauser (1696-1761) and Maria Margaretha Schaefer (1702-1775) by Mark B. Arslan of North Carolina (lots of good links to other sites here)

Hauser Family and Related Families by Elizabeth Harris of North Carolina

Descendants of Christian Evander Houser and Related Families by Roxanna St. Clair of Oregon

Descendants of Thomas Nathaniel Hauser by Laura Hauser of California


Alsatian-American Family:  Hauser by Kenneth John Hauser, Jr., Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1977, available in libraries or purchase.  The price is $33 and includes 2nd/3rd day postage.  To order, contact Patrick Matthews at

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