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William Cain Hooser Family Bible


Birth Of
W. C. Hooser was born Apr 
the 26, 1827
Was united in the Holy Bond
of Matrimony on Oct 10, 1850 to
Miss Joanah Hale born Nov 23, '30


N. J. Hooser was born July 28, 1851
M. L. Hooser was born Aug 3, 1853
W. B. Hooser was born Dec 13, 1854
S. S. Hooser was born Aug 6, 1857
J. W. Hooser was born Dec 15, 1859
[R.] L. Hooser was born July 11, 1860


Joanah Hooser died June 14, 1871
N. J. Wimberley died July 10, 1877
W. B. Hooser died Nov 30, 1889

Source: Copy by Doug Jones of bible in the possession of his grandmother, Gwendolyn Lois Hooser, of Frost, Texas, who inherited it from members of the Samuel Smith Hooser line.  All original entries seem to be in the same hand but the scribe is unknown.


  1. W. C. Hooser is William "Bill" Cain Hooser (<John Hooser and 1st wife). Someone has penciled in "Jan 26 1916" above the word "Bond." This coincides with the date William Cain died according to another source.
  2. Miss Joanah Hale is Joanah E. Hale, Bill's 1st wife.
  3. Bill and Joanah were married in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas
  4. N. J. Hooser. Female. Given name unknown. Married unknown Wimberley. See N. J. Wimberley under Deaths.
  5. M. L. Hooser. Sex and given name unknown but recent information indicates that these parents may have had a daughter named Maggie Lou (unconfirmed).
  6. W. B. Hooser is William Bedney Hooser, Sr. He died the same month as his son (and my grandfather), William B. "Bedney" Hooser, Jr., was born.
  7. S. S. Hooser is Samuel Smith Hooser. Someone has penciled in Aug 5, 1856, above his original birth date.
  8. J. W. Hooser. Male. Given names unknown. Married D. Unknown.
  9. R. L. Hooser. Sex and given name unknown. Someone has penciled in an "R." before the initial L.

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