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"Autobiography of the Hooser"

Written by Jesse C. Hooser
6/21/1957 Clarksville, Texas

His Great Grandfather was of Duch descent bornd about 1765 or 7 his son John Hooser bornd about 1795 came to Tex from Tennesee Wayne 1846. John Hooser sons was Bill Hooser, Williamson, Newt, Dan Hardison, Moridicia (Jane, Julie daughters). Dan Hooser was Jesse C. Hooser father. Dan Hooser was born 1831. Dan Hoosers sons Riley, Williamson, Walter, Jesse, George, Arlar, Thomas. Daughters Mary, Laura, Ida, Lillie his wife was Elize Jane Lacky her mother I supose from what I learned was about 1/4 or 1/8 gherike indian unknown her sons Sid [Mabirsh] Eliza Jane who my mother all Brunett. Jesse C. Hooser mother was B 1828 died 1897. Dan Hooser pased away 1922. Jesse C. Hooser was B. 1874. his wife 1878 who was Ema Williams the children of Jess & Ema is Ramah, Mabel, Lela, Lillie, Salome, Helen, Zona. Sons Dan, Jay C, Melvin, Jodie Two died in infancy (no name). Jodie died on the Battle of France Normandy Beach 1944 June 12th. My father Dan had one or two other brothers that I have forgotten. My fathers mother was a Beckem. My Grandfather & my father is buried at the Concord Cemetery also my companion who passed away 1938 is buried there I am now in my 84 year & there is where I will be placed. Concord Church is the oldest Baptist Church in Tex organized 1844 in June Called the Mother Church There is where John Stiles is buried who fought in the Battle against Santa Anna a Barnett 1797-8 1854 R. F. Giddens also 1798 who gave the ground for the church My mother my fathers mother is buried there my mothers mother is buried at Mt. Vernon, Texas. My mother's father died when she was small girl. They came from another state I think Missouri Her maried again a man by the name of English They had 2 daughers Tish (married to Weaver) and Da[r]ia (to Gault).

Jesse C. Hooser/So Long

Provided by Adell Reynolds Wiltbank, a descendant of Daniel Marion Hooser.


  1. The original is extremely difficult to read. I did my best to transcribe it correctly.  See the Descendants of John Hooser Family Report for a clear picture of the relationships.

  2. John William Stiles (1797-1854) and two others were assigned to guard Santa Ana the day after the Battle of San Jacinto. He was an early settler of Red River County, Texas, a friend of Davy Crockett, and the father of 23 children!

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